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Vandal-proof Dome CCTV Camera Sample Video Surveillance

These are day and night video surveillance tests using a DPRO-AS600 vandal-proof dome CCTV camera. The camera is connected to an iDVR-PRO16A security DVR and is being used as part of a home surveillance system.

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Video Transcript

In this video, I test the day and night video surveillance capability of the DPRO-AS600, which is a Dome CCTV camera. I captured 2 video samples from this AS600 that's mounted on the front my house. It's connected to an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR. Here are some pictures that show where the camera is mounted. The security camera is mounted at that location to monitor the walkway that leads up to the front door.

This section of the walkway is lit at night from the garage coach lights, so I did not need an infrared camera. However, the DSPRO-AS600 does an amazingly well job in low light without IR. I used an electrical junction box for my installation because I tend to switch out cameras pretty often at my house for testing. Typically though, this camera is mounted directly to the wall.

Now let's look at some video samples. This one was obviously taken during the day. I'm just going to walk up on my walkway and get close to the camera so you can see the resolution up close. This camera, in addition to providing the coverage to the side yard and this walkway, you can see that it covers the sidewalk in front of my house, as well as out to the street.

Now let's look at a night sample. The only light here is that right coach light on the garage. There's no light on the right of the house besides that one. You can see the camera does really well without infrared providing a nice color image what's real clear with just that one garage coach light.

For more information about the DPRO-AS600, please visit Thank you for watching.

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DPRO-AS600 Vandal Proof CCTV Camera

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