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PIR-BL7 CCTV Camera with Motion Detector Light

The PIR-BL7 is both a CCTV security camera and a motion detector light that turns on via the built-in PIR sensor. The surveillance camera is an excellent choice for an outdoor area where you want a theft deterrent security light.

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Video Transcript

In this video, I demonstrate the day and night video surveillance capability of the PIR-BL7 camera. The PIR-BL7 is a weatherproof CCTV camera that has a built in motion sensor light. This PIR motions detector can sense movement of human sized objects and when it does, it turns these 30 white LEDs on at night. Keep watching this video to see how it works.

On this screen on the right is the live video stream from the camera. I have it hooked up to one of our DVRs and I'm using my Iphone just to give you another perspective. Here's what the camera looks like. I just have it temporarily mounted on our test shelf up there. I have the lights on in the room as you can see. This is normal lighting conditions here. You can see it's a nice, clean, color picture.

What I'm going to do now is I'm going to turn off the lights and close the door. Initially, the LEDs are going to be on because it just detected motion from me. Initially, the lights are on. We'll give it a second to turn off. It takes about 20 to 30 seconds after motion is detected for the lights to go off. I just want to show you here that in the hallway out here, I also have the lights off. I didn't want much light coming in even from outside of the room.

The only thing that's giving off light in this room is, I have one computer monitor on that's just giving off a little bit of ambient light. It's that monitor right there. There you go. The LED has just turned off. There's ambient light from that computer monitor which, as you can through the Iphone, it's not much light at all. Then, there's a computer over there with a fan that's giving off a little bit of light, but that' sit.

As you can see from the Iphone, the room's really dark and the camera still picks up a pretty good color picture, a little bit grainy but keep in mind all the lights are off. Now, I'm going to walk in and set off the motion sensor and there the light comes on. You can see again, we have a nice, clean, color picture just from the ambient light from the computer monitor. The white LED is now coming of the camera, and just a little bit of ambient light coming in from the hallway.

You can set this camera to always be in color, or you can set it to go to black and white if you prefer when it's in night mode. Then, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to turn the lights back on and go back into daytime mode. Again, it will take about 20 or 30 seconds for those LEDs to go off. The camera just is in the process on the right of just switching back to daytime color mode. It takes a second for it to engage and disengage and disengage from day and night modes.

Now, we're back in day mode and the LEDs should turn off in another second or two. There they go. They're off and now camera is fully into daytime mode again.

Another great feature of the PIR-BL7 is the alarm relay inputs and outputs that are built in. By connecting external sensors and devices to this terminal block, installers can trigger external alarms using the camera's motion detector. For example, maybe you want to trigger a recording on your DVR based on motion being detected by the PAR sensor, or maybe you want to connect an external light or siren that also turns on when motion is detected.

For more information about this camera and to see how to connect external sensors to the alarm relays, please visit Thank you for watching.

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