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PTZ Camera Setup

CCTV Camera Pros PTZ cameras can easily be configured to work with a PTZ controller / keyboard, a stand alone surveillance DVR, or a Geovision DVR computer.  Following these instructions to configure the PTZ-92e001 camera for use with any of those controller applications.  The instructions should be used as a much quicker and easier setup guide that the documentation ships with the PTZ camera.

If you are configuring the W470 series outdoor PTZ cameras, click on this link and follow these instructions, as there are a few extra steps: outdoor ptz camera setup.

Configure PTZ Camera

  1. Remove the necessary screws on the bottom of the PTZ camera so that you can access the protocol, buad rate, and camera ID switches.  The switched look like this:

    PTZ-Camera-Protocol Settings

  2. The SW1 settings are used to configure the ID of your PTZ camera.  Assuming that this is the first PTZ that you want your controller to operate, set this camera's ID to 001.  Do this by setting switch #1 to the On position and the rest of the switches should be set to Off.

  3. The SW2 settings are used to set the protocol that your camera wil use.  Set the protocal to PELCO by setting switch #1 to On and the rest of the switches to Off.

  4. The SW3 settings are used to set the baud rate that your PTZ camera will use.  Set the baud rate to 9600 by setting all switches to the Off position.

  5. Attach wire to the RS 485 +/- positive and negative terminals of your camera.  Cat-5 or a standard power wire such as doorbell wire can be used for this.  Doorbell wire is used below.  The positive terminal is the one closest to the power input of the camera, as seen below.  The red wire is positive in this installation.  *Note: Make sure that your wire makes contact with the metal part of the inside of the terminal.  A common mistake is to clamp the plastic part of the wire.

    PTZ Camera RS 485