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CCTV Camera Pros Logo Contest Goals

  1. The logo that we need must fit into the below blue background for our website (also seen on the top of every page of this website). 
  2. The width of the area that the logo must be able to fit into can not exceed 450 pixels wide.  The height can be larger than below.  We are able to expand the header to be any height so the logo does not have to be one line like the one below.

  3. In addition to using the logo on our website header, a secondary goal to use the logo for other marketing materials which may not have blue background like this does.  This goal is secondary though.  The most important thing is that it works well for the website.
  4. We like the idea of using a symbol in the logo that promotes security such as a security camera, a shield, or an eye within the logo.  A camera is an obvious choice and that is what we currently use.  The shield to symbolize security.  The idea of an eye to indicate how surveillance cameras provide a watchful eye for your home or business.  These are not a must.  We are open to any design that promotes the idea of surveillance and security in a professional look.
  5. A friend of ours held a contest n the past and we really liked this logo:
  6. We are open to any professional looking word mark style logo.