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Surveillance DVR Support Questions

Chat TranscriptThe following transcript includes questions on our 16 channel surveillance DVR (JPEG Series).

Support Transcript:

Customer: I have some questions on the JP2016 surveillance DVR

Technical Support: Hi Customer

Customer: Hi Technical Support

Technical Support: Do you have some questions about our surveillance DVRs?

Customer: yes, a couple.  One, what exactly is the spot monitor?

Technical Support: Each camera channel has a spot monitor output which is used if you want to have a monitor dedicated to that channel. This is in addition to the main monitor output for all channels which can be run split screen according to how many security cameras the DVR model supports.

Customer: oh i see, does this unit have motion detection?  if so can it do it based a certain area of the video?

Technical Support: Yes it has motion detection and areas can be masked to be included / excluded from the motion detection areas.  Sensitivity is also adjustable on each channel.

Customer: great, now it says it has a web based/cleint software, does that mean downloaded software as well as web page only viewing?

Technical Support: The JP series surveillance DVRs do not support web browser access.  There is a windows client application that must be installed for internet / network access. This application comes on a CD in the box with the DVR.

Technical Support: We have other DVRs that support access via Internet Explorer if that is required.

Customer: I see, I was told this is what I need to control 16 pelco cameras mostly with PTZ

Technical Support: The DVR-JP2016 does support Pelco PTZs.

Customer: Does the DVR have the option to send motion detect images to email account? if so, is it built into the dvr itself or is it done through software on pc?

DVR Support: The DVR does not support sending motion detected images to an email account, however our Geovision systems do which can be seen here: Geovision Surveillance Systems.
The email motion detected event feature is built into the Geovision software installed on the PC based DVR.

Customer: does the dvr have ddns support through any free dns account?

DVR Support: Yes, both the JPEG stand alone surveillance DVRs and our Geovision PC based surveillance DVRs support DDNS with software built into the systems and come with free DDNS accounts that you can sign up for.  Also if you have a router that supports DDNS through, you can look at this webpage in the DDNS section for instructions on setting up  DDNS for surveillance through your router.

Customer: is there a way to download a manual anywhere? thank you very much for your time.
DVR Support: The manuals for all of our stand alone DVRs can be found here: surveillance DVR manuals.

Additional and even better instructions for many functions of the stand alone DVR can be found here:

and our Geovision support page here.

Customer: ok, i see it only does cd backups, are the files small, how much fits on a cd?

Technical Support: The JPEG DVR now comes with DVD-RW.  The website has not been updated to reflect this yet.  The files are pretty large.  The amount of video that will fit on a DVD varies based on the recording settings and frames per second.
Customer: ok, do you have any demo vidoes to see quality?

Technical Support: Yes.  One second.

Technical Support: Here are some images of the DVR viewer.
The pictures were taken remotely in Florida and show real life installation like from a gas station in North Carolina for example.  If you want a live surveillance system video demonstration, I can schedule one later tonight or tomorrow night and have you log into a system remotely.

Customer: ok, well you seem to know your stuff, I just wanted to ask if I am in fact looking at the right unit for what I have?  and yes a demo does sound like a good idea.

Technical Support: OK.  do you prefer later this evening or tomorrow?

Customer: well we close in 45 minutes, if you can get that done now then great if not how bout tommorow?

Technical Support: It will have to be tomorrow evening.  I can schedule for 8:00 EST tomorrow if you like.

Customer: well its 5:28 pm here now, what time is it there

Technical Support: 7:28

Customer: ok then 6pm my time (az) which i guess is 8pm your time?

Technical Support: yes, should I schedule it?

Customer: yes great, where do I call

Technical Support: You can just meet me again online.  You me if there is any change at 888-849-2288.  Also, you need to download the following to a Windows PC This is the JPEG DVR Viewer Software. Please have that installed before the call if possible

Customer: will do

Technical Support: Thank You.  Talk to you tomorrow then.

Customer: do I just come to the website and choose online chat

Technical Support: yes. please.

Customer: thanks, see you then

Technical Support: have a good night