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Avoid Security Camera Motion Detection False Alarms

How-to adjust motion detection sensitivity & mask areas on iDVR-PRO CCTV surveillance DVRs

CCTV Security Camera Motion Detection

Anyone who uses video motion detection with a security camera system knows that it can be tricky to get the motion settings just right in order to avoid false alarms. It is especially tricky with outdoor security cameras because of all the things in nature that create motion. CCTV DVRs typically have sensitivity and motion mask areas to help. This article will guide iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR users of how-to setup the sensitivity settings and motion detection mask areas so that video motion detection can work as effectively as possible with little or no false alarms. You may also be interested in these instructions which explain how to set up motion detection recording on your DVR using an external alarm input.

Object Detection via AI Security Cameras

AI security camera

2023 Update! Before you proceed with the below instructions, we wanted to mention that CCTV Camera Pros now offers AI security cameras that are capable of people and car object detection. AI object detection is so much more reliable than traditional video motion detection. AI object detection is over 99% accurate which means no more false positives from trees blowing in the wind! You can learn about our new AI security cameras here and the IP camera NVRs they work with here. You can watch demo videos using our AI security cameras here.

Motion Detection Sensitivity Settings


Security Camera Motion Detection

2. Click on the SENSITIVITY LEVEL for the camera you would like to adjust.

3. You will now see the following pop up window.

The sensitivity Level by default is set to 15. We have found this to be a very good starting point. You may need to adjust this to fit your specific application. The lower the number the lower the sensitivity. the higher the number the higher the sensitivity. So the higher the number the easier the motion sensor will trip.

You can also setup different DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME sensitivities. We typically recommend lowering the sensitivity for night time use. In some applications where there is not enough lighting, you can get video noise caused by pixelation. The DVR will see this as motion and cause false alarms to be triggered.

Security Camera Motion Detection Sensitivity

Motion Detection Mask Zones

4. Now that we have the sensitivity adjusted, let's move on to editing the motion zones / masks. So if we go back to MENU > SYSTEM SETUP > MOTION SENSOR > Click the EDIT AREA button next to the camera you would like to edit the motion zones for.

Security Camera Motion Detection Area

5. You will now see red squares overlaid over the camera image. The red squares indicate that there is an active motion zone in that area. By default, the entire image is set to detect motion. If you have areas that are consistently moving due to trees moving etc. You may want to set these areas so they are not triggering false alarms. To do so simply take your mouse and click the square/s that you would like to deactivate. Once you click the square it will disappear. This zone is now set to not detect motion.

NOTE: If you right click on the screen you will get additional options like the ability to toggle between camera channels, select all, deselect all, sensitivity etc.

Security Camera Motion Detection Mask Area

Once you go through these settings for all of your cameras, you should notice a lot less false alarms. It is sometimes a process of multiple tries to tweak and get it just right.

If the false alarms are still being triggered due to the environment the camera is in you may want to consider using a PIR motion sensor to trigger motion alerts instead of video motion detection.

Here is a link to an article on how-to configure your CCTV DVR with an external alarm sensor to trigger recording.

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