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School Surveillance Systems

CCTV Camera Pros has been supplying security cameras and complete video surveillance systems for schools since 2006. We have advised managers of educational institutions big and small. We work with small grade level schools through the largest universities, and all sizes in between. This article contains some things to consider when planning a proper security camera system for a school. Lets us help you plan a system to keep your students and faculty safe.

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HD Security Cameras

HD Security Cameras

If you are planning a new surveillance system, there is no doubt that you should plan to use HD security cameras. The latest 1080p cameras provide 6x greater resolution than traditional analog CCTV cameras do and they are just as easy to wire and setup. Watch this video to see how clear the latest HD cameras are.

HD cameras are available in a variety of indoor and outdoor options. This indoor / outdoor dome camera is an excellent choice for schools and other public areas because it's secure vandal-proof design. If you have a location that requires a wide angle of view, this 180 degree camera is a great choice. It can also be used indoors our outdoors.

Infrared cameras are typically used at schools so that dark areas can be monitored at night.

You can find all of our 1080p AHD cameras on this page.

Easy to Use DVRs

HD Security Camera DVR

Most schools want to be able to record video surveillance 24 hours a day, on a schedule, when motion is detected, or some combination of all three of these recording options. This is done by using a digital video recorder. Make sure that you select a DVR that not only supports a flexible recording configuration, but also is easy to setup and maintain. Our iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs support all of the1080p cameras mentioned above and they are super simple to use. Even our non-technical users find the iDVR-PRO easy to setup.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to navigate.

Planning to Upgrade from Analog CCTV to HD?

Many schools that we speak to have an existing security camera system in place, but it is getting outdated and they want to plan upgrading to an HD system. Hybrid DVRs are the perfect solution for this. By replacing an existing CCTV DVR with a hybrid DVR, schools can leverage their existing analog cameras and also use HD cameras. This is because hybrid DVRs support both video formats. The iDVR-PRO recorders mentioned above are hybrid DVRs. You can also check out this article: How-to upgrade from CCTV to HD security cameras.

RG59 Cabling

RG59 Siamese cable wiring guide

Running security camera cable in a school is no different than any other type of building. RG59 coax cable is the industry standard for HD CCTV camera systems. Installers can cut custom cable lengths from 500 or 1000 foot spools of RG59. The installer then attaches BNC ends to the cables. You can find a complete guide to wiring a security camera system with RG59 cable here.

Pre-made Cables

Pre-made security camera cables are typically used in more simple indoor locations, such as running cable above drop ceilings. Pre-made cables are available in various lengths - 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, 150ft, with the ends already attached. You can find a pre-made security camera cable guide here.

Remote Access & Management

Some schools want to make sure that their video surveillance systems supports high quality remote network access. This allows privileged users to login to the surveillance system from Mac and Windows PCs, iPhone and Android Apps. Systems can be setup to allow access only on campus or also from remote locations. This allows owners, managers, and security personnel access to the view security cameras live. These systems also support remotely accessing recorded video for playback.

For example, maybe a security officer's office is not located where the system's DVR is installed. By setting up network access, the security officer can access the system from the computer in his office.

Another example could be a roving security patrol receives an alert and wants to check our the camera view from his iPhone or Android mobile device.

You can learn more about these remote viewing apps and watch demo videos on these pages.

Complete Video Surveillance Systems for Schools

HD Security Camera Systems

CCTV Camera Pros can help you choose a complete video surveillance system for your school that includes a DVR, cameras, cables, power supply, and monitors. We can also remotely assist customers when setting up their network for remote access. We offer pre-bundled systems and can also design custom systems for schools. Please visit this page if you would like to schedule a free consultation.

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