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License Plate Recognition Camera System, 1080p HD LPR Camera, HD DVR
License Plate Recognition Camera System

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LPR Camera System

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Product Code: LPR-HD2

The following items are included:


Overview Camera:


Power Supply:


CAT5e Cable:




The LPR-HD2 is a license plate recognition system that includes a 1080p HD LPR camera, 1080p wide-angle overview camera, high definition video surveillance DVR and pre-made Siamese cables.

Best Replacement LPR Camera Systems

LPR system

The LPR-HD2 system has been discontinued. Click here if you need a coax cable based LPR camera system. However, if you are looking for overall best LPR camera system, please take a look at our Viewtron IP based system LPR camera system that includes a network LPR camera and network video recorder with built-in automatic number plate recognition software (ANPR). This is our best ANPR camera system by far.

The LPR camera included with this system is the LPR-TV75 which can be used to capture video of stationary vehicles and vehicles moving at a high rate of speed (up to 65 MPH / 105KM/hr). The HD-TVI-AD8 is used to provide an overview of the area being monitored. It is common for LPR cameras to be paired with overview cameras so that the LPR camera can be more focused on where the car plates enter the surveillance zone and the overview camera can focus on a much wider view that includes the surrounding area.

The DVR that is included with this system is the iDVR-PRO4A. It is a 4 channel CCTV / HD security camera DVR that can be used with standard definition CCTV cameras as well as high definition security cameras (up to 1080p). iDVR-PRO includes some of the best software applications used to monitor and manage these systems from iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Macintosh devices. The user interface that is used to manage the DVR directly using the included mouse or wireless remote control is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

The DVR and cameras included with this system come with a 2-year warranty and lifetime USA based technical support, both of which are provided directly from CCTV Camera Pros.

LPR-TV75 Camera Features

Here are the main features of the LPR camera that are included with this system. You can learn more about the LPR-TV75 HD license plate recognition camera here.

  • 1080p HD Video Resolution - HD-TVI Type Camera
  • 1/2.9" Sony CMOS Image Sensor
  • 2 Megapixel Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Easy to Configure Traffic Modes
  • Built-in Infrared Night Vision
  • 7-22mm Varifocal Lens
  • LPR Recognition Up to 60 Feet / 18 Meters
  • Works at speeds up to 65 MPH / 105 KM/Hr
  • Weatherproof Outdoor Housing
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Power supply included

LPR Camera Traffic Modes

LPR camera

The LPR-TV75 supports the following traffic modes which can be easily be adjusted using the camera's DIP switches.

  1. Parking - used in parking lots and on roads with many vehicles at speeds less than 37 MPH (less than 60 km/hr). Light levels are typically low.
  2. Gate - used for gates and parking lots where traffic is low. Light levels are typically normal / bright. Vehicle speeds are below 37 MPH (60 km/hr) for direct front or rear angle views or less than 20 MPH (30 km/hr) for side angle installations.
  3. Road - used when the vehicle speed is fast - above 37 MPH (60 km / hr) and where light levels are high.
  4. Highway - used when there is less traffic and road is lit.

These traffic modes and how to set them up are explained in more details in the license plate camera users guide that is included.

License Plate Recognition Camera Setup

License Plate Recognition Camera Setup

The above diagram will assist installers with setup and installation of the LPR-TV75. The housing can be opened using the latches on its side to access the internal camera.

  • HD-TVI Video Out - this is a BNC female connection that provides the 1080p video output in HD-TVI format. Installers can use a cable from a spool of RG59 coax with a BNC male connector to attach this video output to an HD-TVI compatible surveillance DVR.
  • Power In - the power input on this camera uses screw terminals which allow installers to attach 18/2 power cable (like the type used in RG59 Siamese cable) directly to these terminals. For installers who prefer to use premade Siamese cable, a PT-4 power lead can be used.
  • Analog Video Out - this is a BNC female connection that provides low definition analog video output. This low definition video output can be used to connect an analog CCTV test monitor when installing and focusing the camera, however, we now supply test monitors for HD-TVI cameras and recommend these when installing HD security cameras.
  • Traffic Mode DIP Switches - these switches are used to set the camera's traffic mode based on lighting, traffic density, and vehicle speeds.
  • OSD Controls - installers can use these controls to access the camera's on-screen display to further adjust image settings.
  • Varifocal Lens - installers can adjust the zoom level / angle of view and focus of the camera using the two lens rings located here.

License Plate Capture Video Demo

The video shown on the left side of the screen was captured using the LPR-TV75. You can see the camera is able to capture a clear view of the license plates of the moving vehicles. The difference in quality, when compared to the analog CCTV camera video on the right, is remarkable.

HD-TVI-AD8 1080p HD Overview Camera

You can learn more here about the HD-TVI-AD8 1080p security camera that is used in this system as an overview camera. Below are the cameras main features.

  • 1/2.9" Sony Progressive Scan CMOS Image Sensor
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) HD Video Resolution
  • 2.8mm ~ 12mm Varifocal Lens
  • 4 Giant IR LEDs for Low Light & Zero Light Video Surveillance
  • White dome base
  • IP68 Rated Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Tri-axis mount for ceiling or wall installations
  • Infrared for low light and zero light applications
  • Sense-Up Intensifier Technology (Up to x8)
  • Digital WDR / Digital Wide Dynamic Range
  • Advanced On Screen Display controls via push buttons(located within the dome cover)
  • OSD allows for control over light sensitivity, exposure, white balance, day/night, digital noise reduction, color, and sharpness adjustments
  • Dual Voltage Input: 12V DC / 24 VAC

HD-TVI-BL2 Bullet-style Overview Camera Option

1080p HD CCTV Camera

If you prefer a bullet style camera instead of the dome style overview camera that is included with this system, you can switch out the HD-TVI-AD8 dome for this HD-TVI-BL2 1080p HD Bullet Camera. The dome and bullet have the same Sony image sensor and almost identical specifications.

The above videos were captured by connecting an HD-TVI-AD8 camera to an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR using RG59 coaxial cable. Please select 1080p video resolution in the lower right of the YouTube video player and watch in full-screen mode to see the best quality video.

DVR Features

You can learn more here about the DVR included with this system. These are the main features.

  • 4 Camera Video Inputs (BNC camera inputs)
  • Each Video Input Supports Analog CCTV, AHD, and HD-TVI Cameras (Hybrid DVR)
  • 120 FPS Recording at any Resolution - 1080p, 720p, 960H, D1, CIF
  • Real-Time Recording on All Channels (30 FPS per camera)
  • 4 Channel Audio Surveillance Microphone Inputs (RCA Audio inputs)
  • Stand Alone DVR / Embedded Linux Operating System
  • H.264 Codec Video Compression
  • Pentaplex Function - Simultaneous Live / Record / Playback / Archive / Network
  • Remote Live View and Playback via MAC and Windows PCs
  • Remote Live View and Recorded Video Playback via iPhone, iPad, Android Apps
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome Web Browsers
  • HDMI video output with HD resolution (1080p)
  • VGA video output with HD resolution (1080p)
  • Real-Time Recording on All Channels (30 FPS per camera)
  • Video Outputs: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA
  • 1 BNC Spot Monitor Output / VGA or HDMI can also be used as a spot monitor
  • USB Flashdrive Backup, Network FTP Backup
  • 1 Internal Hard Drives Bay (Up to 6TB Drives Supported)
  • 1 Terra-Byte Hard Drive Installed (Upgrades available)
  • Gigabit Ethernet Network Port
  • DHCP, Dynamic IP & DDNS Support
  • Watermarked Video & Audio for Tamper Proof Security
  • 5 Levels of Recording Quality (Low / Standard / High / Highest / Super)
  • RS-422/485 for PTZ Speed Dome Controls
  • Email Notification Alerts from Motion Detection & Alarms
  • Playback in Forward & Reverse up to 64x
  • Remote PTZ Control Support
  • Includes USB Mouse
  • Includes Wireless Hand-held Remote Control

Demo DVR Videos

Watch the videos in the above playlist to see how to set up many of the DVR features and how to access the DVR and your cameras using the included apps for mobile and desktop computers.

iPhone / iPad Compatible
iOS Compatible Security DVR
Android Compatible
Android Compatible Security DVR
Mac Compatible
Mac Compatible Security DVR

iPhone / iPad Compatible

iOS DVR Viewer App

iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs are compatible with iOS. The native iDVR-PRO viewer app for iOS works with iPhone and iPad. Users can view CCTV cameras live from their iOS device. The app also supports search and playback of video surveillance footage recorded to the DVR's hard drive. Click here to learn more about the remote camera access from iOS.

iPhone DVR Viewer App

The following youTube video demonstrates the remote iPhone DVR viewing capability of the iDVR-PRO. The iOS app for iDVR-PRO lets users view all security cameras connected to the iDVR PRO from remotely over the Internet.

NOTE: The video conversion to YouTube degrades the quality of the video. Actual surveillance video viewed on an iPhone is better than what is seen above. Be sure to select 1080p video during playback in the YouTube player.

iPhone Security Camera View

The above screenshot shows the iPhone app for iDVR PRO in playback mode. The user is viewing the recorded video with 4 cameras on the screen. Click here to see additional images of the iPhone app in live and playback mode.

MAC Compatible Surveillance System

The iDVR PRO is compatible with MAC laptops and desktops. This is one of the few CCTV DVRs available that allow users to view your surveillance cameras remotely over the Internet from a Macintosh desktop or laptop. Mac users have two options for accessing their DVR remotely: web browser access and the DVR viewer software. The iDVR PRO also support remote video playback using the MAC DVR viewer software that is included. The below screen shows the iDVR-PRO at CCTV Camera Pros West Palm Beach office being accessed from a MAC using the Chrome web browser (Safari and Firefox also supported). Please click here to learn more about the remote security camera access from Mac.

Mac Compatible Security DVR

The above image shows an iDVR PRO being accessed on a Mac via the Chrome web browser. The web browser access supports single camera viewing only. Users can select which camera they want to be displayed via a drop-down box on the web page. The web browser view also supports accessing the DVR's configuration, PTZ camera controls, and viewing the event log.

MAC Surveillance Software

Mac Compatible Security DVR

The Mac DVR viewer software that is included with iDVR-PRO recorders lets users monitor multiple DVR locations and view up to 36 cameras per screen. This is the recommended way to access your DVR from Mac. The Mac software also supports remote playback of surveillance video that has been recorded on the DVR hard drive. Please click here learn more about the Mac software for iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs.

Mac Software - HD Security Camera View Video

This video demonstrates live HD security camera viewing using the Mac software for iDVR-PRO.

Important Note: Click the gear icon in the lower right of the video player and 1080p resolution so that you can view the video in the highest resolution available.

Android Compatible Surveillance System

The Android viewer app for iDVR-PRO lets users view their security cameras on any Android mobile device from remotely over the Internet. The Android app can display 1, 4, 9, and 16 cameras on the screen. In addition to the live camera streaming, the app also has a search and playback feature which lets Android users watch surveillance video that is recorded on the DVR hard drive. Click here to learn more about the Android security camera viewer app for iDVR-PRO DVRs.

Android DVR Viewer App

The following youTube video demonstrates the remote Android remote viewing capability of the iDVR-PRO. The Android app for iDVR-PRO lets users view all security cameras connected to the iDVR PRO from remotely over the Internet. Users can also search and playback video that has been recorded to the DVR's hard drive.

NOTE: The video conversion to YouTube degrades the quality of the video. Actual surveillance video viewed on an iPhone is better than what is seen above. Be sure to select 1080p video during playback in the YouTube player.

Sample Android Images

The above image shows the Android DVR viewer app accessing the iDVR-PRO at CCTV Camera Pros office in live camera mode (4 cameras on one screen). Please click here to see additional images of the Android app in live viewing and recorded video playback modes.

Optional Upgrades

RG59 Siamese Cable Upgrade

This DVR system includes (2) 100 foot premade Siamese coax cables that run both the video and power to the camera. These cables cannot be cut. If you prefer to cut your cable runs to the exact length that you need, we offer an upgrade to a 500-foot spool of RG59 Siamese cable with all of the connectors that you will for the number of cameras included in the system.

Power Supply Box Upgrade

This system includes an individual DC power supply for each camera. You have the option to upgrade to a power supply box that you can mount near your DVR.

Demo Videos

960H Security DVR Videos

Please click here to watch more DVR security system demo videos using iDVR-PRO recorders.

DVR Manual

iDVR-PRO4M DVR User Manual

Download iDVR-PRO "A" Series DVR User Manual

Custom LPR Systems

Custom DVR Surveillance System

The system on this page is just one way to set up an LPR system. CCTV Camera Pros can also work with you to create a customer license plate capture system that consists of any combination of cameras, based on your requirements. Use the below button to navigate to our request a quote page. You can also call, request a chat, or email us if you have questions.

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Demo: Try Before You Buy!

Would you like to demo an iDVR-PRO surveillance system before you decide to purchase one? CCTV Camera Pros has a demo surveillance set up at our office using an iDVR-PRO and a variety of CCTV cameras that we supply. We will supply you with login information and instructions so that you can see what the user experience is like when you remotely access an iDVR-PRO from Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. If you need support along the way, we will provide you with help.

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