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Infrared PTZ Camera, Analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, HDCVI Outdoor Dome, 20x
Infrared HD PTZ Camera


Infrared PTZ Camera

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The PTZ-HD-20 is an infrared PTZ camera with 4 selectable video modes: Analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI. This pan tilt zoom camera supports 1080p resolution (AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI modes) and 960H resolution in traditional analog CCTV mode (CVBS). This camera has built-in infrared night vision so that it can see in complete darkness. The PTZ-HD-20 has a 20x optical zoom range via the 4.7 ~ 90mm lens and a max IR distance of 300 feet (92 meters) which allows the camera to see in zero light environments. This pan, tilt, and zoom dome security camera has a 1/3" Sony image sensor. Please check out this demo video and these sample surveillance images of the PTZ-HD-20 installation on the front of CCTV Camera Pros warehouse.

This camera is enclosed in an IP66 rated outdoor dome housing that safeguards against harsh weather, dust, humidity, and acts of vandalism. The PTZ-HD-20 is hard wired to a DVR using RG59 coaxial cable. This camera can be used with the following DVR types: analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, HDCVI. CCTV Camera Pros typically supplies this camera with our iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs which supports PTZ over coax.

The PTZ-HD-20 supports Pelco D and Pelco P protocols as well as UTC (up the coax). UTC transmits the PTZ controls over the same RG59 cable used for video (so there is no need to run an additional pair of cables). For use in low light environments, this camera has a color Lux rating of 0.1 and a Black and White Lux rating of 0.01.

The PTZ-HD-20 has 10 giant LEDs that provide an effective Infrared range of up to 92 meters / 300 feet. The IR LED illuminators automatically activate when the camera senses low light beyond the capability of the lux ratings. An IR Cut Filter enhances the image quality by blocking any unusable infrared lighting and only allowing the visible light to pass through.

This camera supports an endless 360° pan, up to 220 individual preset points and wall mount bracket for easy installation.

The 24VAC 3 Amp power supply required for this camera is included. Important: please refer to this power cable guide for max distances that power cable can be run.

Infrared PTZ Dome Features

  • 1/3" Sony Image Sensor
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution / 1080P / 2 megapixel
  • 4 Selectable Video Modes: HD-TVI, AHD, HDCVI, Analog CCTV (CVBS)
  • Video Connector: BNC
  • Power Connector: Screw Terminals (2.1mm Pigtail Included)
  • 10 Giant IR LEDs
  • Effective Infrared Range of 92 Meters / 300 Feet
  • UTC / UP The Coax PTZ Support
  • Pelco D & P Protocol Compatible
  • Auto White Balance
  • IR Cut Filter
  • Back Light Compensation (BLC)
  • IP66 Weatherproof Housing
  • Indoor or Outdoor Surveillance
  • 20x optical zoom ( 4.7 - 90 mm )
  • Continuous 360° Rotation
  • Up to 220 Preset Points
  • PTZ Control via Stand Alone DVRs or RS-485 PTZ controller
  • PTZ Control via iPhone and Android Mobile Apps when connected to a Compatible DVR (iDVR-PRO Recommended)
  • Optional Pendant Ceiling Mount
  • Supports Dual Voltage - 12V DC / 24VAC
  • 24VAC Power Supply Included

Demo Video

This video was captured with the PTZ-HD-20 installed outside at CCTV Camera Pros office. Watch the video to see how well a street sign that is 550 feet can be read when zoomed in on.

PTZ Installation

HD PTZ Camera Installation

CCTV Camera Pros has a PTZ-HD-20 mounted to the wall on the front of our office. This camera allows us to monitor the entire front area of our building and parking lot.

Surveillance Images

The following images were captured using the PTZ-HD-20 installed at our office. It is connected to an iDVR-PRO DVR in 1080p HD-TVI mode.

Infrared PTZ Camera

This camera monitors the front of CCTV Camera Pros warehouse. In this first image, the camera's lens is zoomed out to the widest angle.

1080p AHD PTZ Camera - DVR Controls

This is the PTZ controls screen on the iDVR-PRO DVR. In addition to the pan tilt zoom controls, you can see the scan, tour, and preset options.

The Power of 20x Zoom

HD-TVI 1080p PTZ Camera

There is a street sign located 550 feet away from where the above arrow is pointing.

20x HD PTZ Camera

In this image, the 20x optical zoom lens is zoomed all the way into the intersection where the sign is located. The "Right Lane MUST Turn Right" sign that you see in this image is 550 feet away from where the camera is mounted!

Infrared Video Surveillance

These surveillance images were captured at night time to test the infrared night mode of the camera. Please note that there are street lights in our parking lot and in the areas surrounding our building, but this is typical for most commercial outdoor installations. This camera will also work well in areas where there is no light.

Infrared PTZ Camera

This image was captured with the camera lens zoomed all the way out to the widest angle. This is an overview of the main entrance to our parking lot.

IR HD PTZ Camera

This image was captured with the lens zoomed to the 18x level. The closer vehicle in the picture is parked 375 feet away from the camera. The white Mercedes is located 460 feet away.

UTC / Up The Coax PTZ Support

The PTZ-HD-20 supports UTC, which stands for "Up The Coax". It is a technology that allows the video and PTZ commands to both transmit over the same RG59 coax cable.

PTZ Camera UTC Wiring Diagram to DVR

This is how to wire this UTC compatible PTZ to a DVR. In this example, we are using an iDVR-PRO hybrid DVR.

  1. Blue Wire - RG59 coax cable is run from the PTZ camera to a video input on the DVR. This will transmit the video signal and pan tilt zoom commands.
  2. Red Wire - Power cable, typically 18/2 stranded power wire is run from the camera to a multi-camera power supply box or the single camera power transformer that is supplied with the camera. *Please note that installers can use RG59 Siamese cable which contains both RG59 coax and 18/2 power cable to run both power and video / UTC cables.
  3. Green Wire - Optionally, the DVR is connected to a router / Internet connection using CAT-5e cable if the user wants to enable remote viewing and remote PTZ control via mobile apps and desktop software for Mac or Windows.
You can find our complete PTZ camera controller and installation guide here.

Optional Pendant Mount

PTZ-AHD-5 Optional Pendant Mount

Click on the image above for a larger view

Power Cable Guide

A 24V~3000mA power supply is included with this camera. Please use this guide to determine the power cable gauge you should use based on the max distance it can be run. Please note that this does not take into consideration the 10% acceptable voltage drop, so distances can be slightly further.

  • 20 gauge - 11 meters / 37 feet
  • 18 gauge - 18 meters / 60 feet
  • 16 gauge - 29 meters / 95 feet
  • 14 gauge - 46 meters / 152 feet

Product Specification

Infrared HD PTZ Camera Spec

Download the PTZ-HD-20 product specification here.

User Manual

PTZ Manual

Download the PTZ-HD-20 user guide and installation manual here.

Compatible with iDVR-PRO HD DVRs

The PTZ-HD-20 works great with iDVR-PRO hybrid surveillance DVRs. iDVR-PROs support analog CCTV, HD-TVI and AHD CCTV cameras. The remote camera viewing via mobile apps, Mac, and Windows software is excellent.

iPhone / iPad Compatible
iOS Compatible Security DVR
Android Compatible
Android Compatible Security DVR
Mac Compatible
Mac Compatible Security DVR


Click here to learn more about the latest iDVR-PRO HD CCTV DVRs.

iDVR-PRO Works with Analog CCTV and HD Security Cameras

CCTV / AHD / HD-TVI Hybrid Security Camera DVR

Users can mix and match different camera technologies. This is perfect for customers that have existing CCTV cameras and want to upgrade to high definition over time. All DVR channels support all camera types. iDVR-PRO DVRs work with the following security camera types and resolutions.

Request a Demo

Want to see how live video on this camera looks remotely over the Internet, please request a demo login below. You will be able to log in from iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. You can also log in from Macintosh and Windows computers. Please click here to request a demo login.

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