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CCTV Spot Monitor Output for iDVR-PRO Surveillance DVRs

This video demonstrates the CCTV spot monitor output of iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs. This video specifically covers the latest 960H / H.264 mode DVRs Depending on the model, iDVR-PRO security DVRs support one or more spot monitor outputs that let users configure up to 16 customized scrolling views.

For example, the 16 channel iDVR-PRO16H (used in this demo) has 5 BNC spot monitor outputs. This is the DVR model that was used to make this video. One of the five outputs supports 1, 4, 9 and 16 camera grid views. This means that the DVR administrator may configure camera views that include 1, 4, 9 and 16 CCTV cameras on one screen. The other 4 spot outputs support one and four camera views. The number of seconds that each camera view is displayed is also configurable.

Take a look at these spot monitor cable diagrams to see how installers can setup multiple monitors with iDVR-PRO. Please refer to these setup instructions for step-by-step spot monitor setup.

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Spot Output Cable Diagrams

Please note that all BNC spot monitor outputs are separate from the VGA and HDMI monitor outputs that all iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs support. The VGA and HDMI monitor outputs display the menu system of the DVR. Spot outputs are independant of the menu system and always display the live security camera views that are configured.

iDVR-PRO A Series DVRs

CCTV Spot Monitor Output

There are 3 iDVR-PRO A models - iDVR-PRO4, iDVR-PRO8A, and iDVR-PRO16A. All of these DVRs have one BNC spot monitor output that is capable of 16 screen views that may consist of any combination of single and four camera views.

iDVR-PRO8H - 8 Channel DVR

CCTV Security DVR Spot Monitor Outputs

The 8 camera iDVR-PRO8H model DVR has 3 BNC spot monitor outputs. One of the three outputs can be configured to display 8, 4, and 1 camera views. Again, up to 16 views can be configured. The other 2 spot outputs support 1 and 4 camera views (up to 16 views each).

iDVR-PRO16H - 16 Channel DVRs

CCTV DVR Multiple Spot Monitor Outputs

The 16 camera iDVR-PRO16H model DVR has 5 BNC spot monitor outputs. One of the five outputs can be configured to display 16, 9, 4, and 1 camera views. Again, up to 16 views can be configured. The other 4 spot outputs support 1 and 4 camera views (up to 16 views each).

Video Transcript

iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs let users configure custom camera views to multiple spot monitor outputs. Watch this video to learn how easy this is to set up. To configure the spot monitor output on the IDVR-Pro, we're going to use the mouse, and from the menu select system setup. Then on the system menu, select display, and then spot out. This is an IDVR-Pro H Series 16 channel, so this has 5 spot outputs. One can support up to 16 cameras on one screen, and then the other 4 can support 4 cameras on one screen. I'm going to configure the 16 channel.

I double click on it, and then select modify. Then notice you can configure up to 16 different screens, so right now there's a 16 camera view, two 4 camera views, and a 1 channel view. I'm going to modify that one and add another 4 camera view, and then select cameras 9 through 12 to be displayed in that slot. Then I'm going to add another view, also a 4 camera view, and I'll select channels 13 through 16 to be displayed on this one. On this spot monitor output, it'll scroll between these 5 views. If I want, I can add additional ones up to 16, but we'll just use those 5 for now.

When I'm done, I click apply, and now that spot monitor output is configured. If I want to configure one of the other spot outs, one of the 4 channel ones, I can modify this one. I'm going to set up this spot monitor out to just display one 4 channel view for cameras 1 through 4, so if I remove these other 3, the view won't scroll. It'll just continuously display a 4 camera grid view of channels 1 through 4. Each one of these can be set up independently, and when I'm done I just select apply and then close, and now I'm back to the live view of the DVR now.

Let's take a look now and what this spot monitor output looks like that we just configured on the 16 channel spot out. We see it scroll from the 16 camera view, and now it's going to cycle through the four 4 camera views. It's pausing 5 seconds in between each view. I forgot to mention, you can figure between 1 and 60 seconds for it to pause on each view, that's configurable on the DVR as well. Then it starts back over when it gets to the end, it'll display the 16 and then the four different 4 camera views over and over again.

CCTV Camera Pro sells various IDVR-PRO models that each have different number of spot monitor outputs and configuration options. To learn more about spot monitor output setup and additional features of IDVR-Pro surveillance DVRs, please visit Thank you for watching.

iDVR-PRO 960H Spot Monitor Output Setup Video Thumb

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