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iPhone Surveillance Camera Video

The following video show an IP security camera that is connected to the Internet being accessed from an iPhone using the Safari web Browser.

Video Transcript

The following video shows a live jpeg surveillance video feed from an indoor IP security camera being accessed from the safari web browser on an Apple iPhone. The IP camera is connected to our network and the Internet. In the iPhone we open the Safari web browser and enter the IP address of the camera into the address field.

Here we are logged into the camera and we can see a live video feed using the cameras streaming JPEG file feed. A person will walk in front of the camera now to show the speed of which the camera is capable of refreshing the image to the iPhone. The surveillance video quality seen in this video is not as good as the actual quality you will see directly on your iPhone. Because this video was captured and then converted to a flash movie file so it can be posted on youTube and our website, the quality does degrade some.

Although we are using an indoor security camera for this demonstration, CCTV Camera Pros has many different types of surveillance cameras that are compatible with the iPhone including wireless security cameras like the one seen here, and outdoor infrared cameras, like the ones seen here, and here.

CCTV Camera Pros will be running a special for the next month to introduce this camera to iphone users. The IP security camera used in this video and pictured here will be on special for $159.99. This camera normally retails for $199.99. Please call and mention coupon code iphone-cam if you are interested in ordering. Please visit out website at for additional information on video surveillance.

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