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Surveillance System Captures Accident on Video

The following surveillance system video captures an accident where a moving truck runs into a house causing serious damage but luckily no injuries.  This surveillance video footage was sent to us by on of our installation partners who has a Geovision PC based DVR system setup at his house with CCTV Camera Pros cameras installed. 

The installer told me that his house shook and that he and his wife did not know what happened.  The saw this truck driving away when they looked outside to see.  Although this was not a license plate recognition camera being used, they were able to digitally zoom in and make out a few characters of the plate.  The footage was turned over to the police and the driver of the Uhaul truck was cited for the accident.  Here is a link to the type of system that was used to capture this video: Geovision surveillance system.  Here is a link to the camera that was used in this video: outdoor security camera.

If you have any questions about how this video was captured and exported to make this youTube video, please contact CCTV Camera Pros at 888-849-2288 or post a question to our surveillance support forum.