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iDVR H.264 Surveillance DVR Video Backup & Playback

iDVR Surveillance DVR
The iDVR-E series surveillance DVR supports backuping up video to an external USD DVD drive.  The below instructions will assist a user in formatting a DVD-RW and backup a segment of surveillance video to the DVD.  CCTV Camera Pros has tested this process using a DVD-RW format disc, therefore that is what we recommend to guarantee success.



Format DVD for Video Backup

The DVD must forst be formatted by the iDVR before you can start a backup process.  Follow these instructions to forat the DVD you are using/
  1. Plug your external USB DVD writer into the front USB port on the iDVR.
  2. Insert a DVD-RW into the drive.
  3. Press the menu button on the iDVR or wireless remote.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Select System from the main menu.
  6. Select Disk from the System menu.
  7. Select Format, then use the +/- buttons to select "USB - CD / DVD-RW"
  8. Select Start.
  9. Press Enter on the iDVR or wireless remote.
  10. The DVD should begin formatting.  When the format is complete, the Action field will change to "Complete".
  11. Press Esc twice to exit to the DVR main menu.

Surveillance Video Backup to DVD

After you DVD is formatted follow these instructions to backup video.
  1. Press the backup button in the iDVR.  This is the button that has a picture of three DVDs or discs on it.  Note: there is no backup button on the wireless remote.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. On the backup screen, select the Range field and using the arrow buttons on the wireless remote or iDVR, select the date range that you wish to backup by selecting a start and end time.

    NOTE: a DVD has a 4.7GB capacity.  The iDVR has a minimum of a 500GB hard drive.  This means that a DVD is capable of storing about 1% of the video on your iDVRs hard drive if you are using a 500GB drive and the drive is full.
  4. Select the Action field and press enter on the wireless remote or iDVR face.
  5. A % of completion will be displayed.
  6. When the backup is complete, 100% complete will be displayed followed by the Status changing to "Success".  Important: it may take a few minuted for the status to change from 100% to Success.  Do not proceed until Success is diplayed.
  7. The surveillance video backup is now complete.  You can press Esc to exit to the main manu of the iDVR.
  8. Eject the DVD.

Surveillance Video Backup Playback

The process that just backup up video to the DVD also exported a video player that can run on any Windows PC.  To playback video backed up from the iDVR, insert the DVD-RW into a Windows PC and typically the playback program will autorun.  If it does not auto-run, browse to your DVD drive on the PC and double-click on the McdPlayer.exe program.