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Mac Viewer for Zavio IP Cameras and Network Video Servers

This video demonstrates the Mac IP camera viewer for Zavio IP cameras and network video servers. Users can access Zavio cameras and IP servers using a Macintosh laptop or desktop PC from remotely over the Internet using the Safari, Firefox, or Chrome web browsers. The Zavio F3106 megapixel camera is used for this demo. However, all Zavio devices can access this same way and the user interface is the same on all camera and server models.

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Video Transcript

Zavio IP cameras and network video servers support remote viewing and configuration access from Mac computers. This video will demonstrate monitoring a Zavio model F3106 from the Safari web browser on a Macintosh laptop.

First I launch the Safari web browser on my Macbook.

In the URL bar, I enter the IP address of the IP camera.

The camera prompts me for a login ID and password.

Once logged in, I see a live streaming view of the camera. This is a one megapixel camera so the image is very large and detailed.

As I move the view of the camera around, the video freezes while I adjust and resumes when I stop.

Please note that although the resolution on this video look very good, the process of capturing this video demonstration on the Macbook and publishing the video to YouTube, does degrade the quality. The actual video quality that is seen live from the Macintosh is even better that what you see here.

You can adjust the size of the image from full size to 1/2 or quarter in order to fit the entire video on the screen.

The image can be adjusted according to the viewers preference using this menu on the left. Settings such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue can all be adjusted.

The settings can easily be set back to the default by clicking on this button.

Mac users will be happy to know that all of the configuration settings for Zavio cameras can be controlled directly from Safari.

Here I will click around the configration menu a bit to show some of the settings and controls that are available.

In addition, these settings as well as the live surveillance video are also accessible from Windows PCs, iPhones, and iPads.

Zavio cameras that are wireless network compatible can be configured in this section of the interface. You can detect all of the wireless access points from the interface and choose the one that you want the camera to connect to. The wireless setup and this entire menu system is the same for all Zavio cameras and network video servers.

I will switch the view to full screen mode one more time before we concluse this demo.

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Thank You for watching.