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HD CCTV DVR Surveillance Video with HD-SDI CCTV Camera

This video shows the high definition surveillance video that is possible using a PC based HD CCTV DVR and HD-SDI CCTV cameras.

Video Playback Instructions

For the best viewing experience, start playing the video, then select the highest video quality setting by clicking on the video settings button.

Select High Quality Video

If you were able to select 720p or 1080p video, you should also select full screen mode to see the video larger.  You can break out of full screen mode by clicking on the Esc button on your keyboard.

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Geovision Exported Video Files

You can download the original .AVI surveillance video files that were exported from the Geovision system here.

Mac Users: Please download the Mac VLC Player to view these video files once they are downloaded. If you need help setting up the Mac VLC Player, please click here.

Video Transcript

The following video surveillance footage was recorded using a 1080p HD-SDI camera and Geovision PC based HD CCTV DVR.

HD-SDI security cameras allow installers to use existing RG59 coaxial cable and upgrade CCTV systems to high definition 1080p resolution.

The car that just parked in the background is 75 feet away from the camera. The camera has a 4mm lens.

The cars on the road in the background are 120 feet away at the closest lane to the camera.

In the next scene a truck will park in the spot directly in front of the camera.

You will see that as the truck pulls close enough, license plate recognition is possible.

If the camera was mounteed lower and at less of an angle, the license plate recognition would work even better.

Please note that this video was encoded at 720p resolution for YouTube. The original video recorded on the DVR is full 1080p resolution. Users can download the original video from our website. A URL will be provided at the end of this video.

The GVHD4 PC based recorder that was used to record and export this video footage is custom built by CCTV Camera Pros and can be configured as a hybrid surveillance DVR.

This means that high definition HD-SDI cameras can be used along with traditional non-HD CCTV cameras, as well as network IP cameras.

CCTV Camera Pros can custom build these DVRs to user requirements with options for processor, RAM, and hard drive upgrades. Additional information about HD-SDI technology and the original windows media file that was exported directly from this DVR can be downloaded at

Thank You for watching.

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