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Remote Surveillance Video Search & Playback for Viewtron DVRs

This video demonstrates the ability to remotely search and playback video surveillance footage recorded on Viewtron CCTV and HD-SDI CCTV DVRs.

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Video Transcript

In this video, we will demonstrate the remote video search and playback capability of viewtron surveillance DVRs from a web browser using a Macintosh computer.

In the web browser, we navigate to the IP address of our Viewtron DVR.

We have to approve the Java app to run in our web browser. Then we are prompt for the login and password to access.

When we log in, we initially see the live remote view for all cameras. I set the viewing resolution to the record-setting, then click on the search link in the upper left of the screen.

This changes the DVR viewer to playback mode and displays a calendar and timeline on the bottom of the screen. I select the general time that I want to view using the slider, then click on the play button.

The video begins to play for all cameras. I switch to the 4 camera view by clicking on the grid button.

I can switch to a single camera view by double-clicking on the camera that I want to view.

I can change the playback speed by clicking on the play button multiple times. Please note that when changing speeds, the direction of the playback, or the number of cameras that are displayed, the DVR may take a few seconds to catch up to those commands.

This is due to the amount of data that must be transmitted over the Internet, especially for multiple high definition security cameras. Cameras one through four on this system are HD-SDI cameras.

I switch back to live view by clicking on the Live link in the upper left of the DVR viewer application.

For more information on Viewtron video surveillance recorders, please visit

Thank You for watching.

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CCTV Surveillance DVR Remote Video Search and Playback

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