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Geovision WebCam Remote Surveillance Video

The following surveillance videos were captured using a Geovision DVR computer over a cable Internet connection. The Geovision system is installed in a bagel restaurant in New York. The store has a DSL Internet connection. The computer that captured the surveillance video remote was from our sales office in South Florida, which has a cable Internet connection. The Geovision WebCam server was used and the remote computer accessed the video via Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.

This first video shows what a single camera view looks like using the Geovision Webcam.

*Note: These videos were made much smaller to fit on this web page. The Geovision screen can be run up to fullscreen mode on your computer monitor.

This second video shows a four camera view using Geovision WebCam.

If you have any questions about how to set up a Geovision surveillance camera system like this in your home or business, please call us at 888-849-2288. We look forward to helping you secure your assets.