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Zavio IP Camera Remote View on Mac

View IP Camera View on Mac

This article teaches readers how to set up a Zavio IP camera and remotely view it live using a Macintosh PC. The Bonjour network service is used to locate the IP address of the IP camera, then port forwarding is set up so that users can view their IP camera how remotely using a web browser on Mac. In addition to this article, there is also a video available on this page that shows how to set up a Zavio IP camera.

IP Camera Network Finder Using Bonjour

1. First, make sure that your Zavio IP camera is connected to the same network as your Macintosh computer. if you are setting up a wireless camera, you must first hardwire the camera using a CAT-5 cable for the initial setup.

2. Launch a Safari web browser windows and click the Bookmark icon on the left side of the browser. (Shown Below)

3. Click Bonjour. (Shown Below)

4. In the center of the screen, you should see a list of devices connected to the same network as your Mac. Scroll down until you locate your Zavio IP camera. Double-click the Zavio camera to access it. (Shown Below)

5. Now select your Zavio model from the groups below to set up the settings within the camera. Follow the instructions shown on the image, once complete, reboot the camera and continue to step 6. (Please note that the camera does not have to be set to port 80, you can make it any number you like as long as you use the same port in Step 8 below)

F3206, F7210 or B7210
F210A, F312A, F3100, F3106, F531E, B5110, F731E, P5110 or P5115
F1100 or F1105

6. Now click the System Preferences icon on your Mac desktop, followed by Network. (or go into the Applications menu on your Mac and click the Systems Preferences icon. Then click Network.) (Shown Below)

7. Locate the Router IP Address and write this number down for future reference. (Shown Below)

8. Select your brand of router from the listings below and follow the port forwarding instructions.

Airport Extreme

2 Wire

Comcast SMC





9. Now you have to make sure the ports forwarded are open. You can do this by going to from a computer on the same network as your camera. The remote IP Address will automatically populate under Enter IP or Hostname, you will leave this info as is. Change the Enter Port To Scan field to read 80 and press Scan.

10. Once your port forwarding is complete and successful, launch a Safari web browser on a Mac computer connected to a network different than your Zavio camera. Enter your remote IP Address Shown Here, followed by Port 80. It should look like the image below.

11. Enter the Username and Password of your Zavio IP camera. You will now be able to view your Zavio IP camera remotely.

Web Browser View from Mac

Remote IP Camera View from Mac Web Browser

Here is the web browser view from Mac. This Mac is viewing a Zavio F4215 wireless HD camera.

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