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Network IP Video Server | Zavio Video Servers

Network IP Video Server

Network video servers convert the analog video signal from CCTV cameras to a digital video stream that can be used by network video recorders (NVRs). Zavio network video servers can also be used to embed video live video streams from analog security cameras into web pages. Read this article to learn how a laundromat embeds a live webcam on their website using their existing CCTV camera system by adding a Zavio V1100 server.

Zavio video servers have digital input / output ports that enable installers to integrate security camera systems with alarm devices and access control systems. Users can use the SD card slot to record video and snapshots right on the device instead of using a DVR. These servers run the same firmware / operating system as all of the latest Zavio IP cameras. Users can login to the server from a web browser to access live video and configure all of the devices settings.

CCTV Camera Pros stocks Zavio Video Servers and is a master distributor for all Zavio products. Zavio Video Servers include a 32 channel IP camera software that is compatible with all Zavio cameras. CCTV Camera Pros will ship all products worldwide. If you have any questions regarding Zavio products, please contact us - CCTV Camera Pros.

Customers looking for older Zavio Video Servers?

Customers looking for older Zavio IP Video Servers should visit our Discontinued Zavio IP Camera / Video Server page. This page contains discontinued Zavio IP cameras and video servers that are still fully supported by CCTV Camera Pros.