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Zavio Motion Detection Setup

Zavio IP Camera Motion Detection SetupZavio IP Cameras support motion detection which can be used to trigger the camera to initiate actions such as motion detection recording. There are many other useful actions that can be taken based on motion detection. Click here for a complete list of the actions that are supported by Zavio or you can skip directly to the motion detection setup instructions.

Zavio IP cameras are capable of having multiple detection areas configured, each with a unique sensitivity and threshold level. Recording based on motion is very useful because it conserves a lot of storage space by only recording video when motion is detected. Motion detection is also very useful for integrating IP cameras with burglar alarms and other external devices. Please follow the instructions below to setup Motion Detection on your Zavio camera.

Supported Actions / Triggers Based on Motion Detection

Although most users are most interested in motion detection recording and alerts, the following actions can be triggered by Zavio cameras based on the detection of motion.
  • Recording of video to the camera's SD card (click here for cameras with SD card slots)
  • Take snapshot image and save to the camera's SD card
  • Record video to a network hard drive (NAS)
  • Upload a snapshot to a network hard drive (NAS)
  • FTP upload video to remote server
  • FTP upload snapshot image to remote server
  • Send email alert to email address via SMTP
  • Call an external HTTP URL address
  • Activate the camera's digital output (click here for cameras with digital IO ports)
  • Enable night mode (supported by cameras with infrared night mode)
  • Move camera to preset PTZ location (for PT and PTZ cameras)
  • Record an audio clip (for models with built-in audio surveillance mics)
  • Send a push video notification (click for supported models)

Motion Detection Setup Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to setup Motion Detection on your Zavio camera.

1. Login to your Zavio IP Camera via an Internet Explorer web browser. Once logged in, click the Settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen. (Shown Below)

Zavio IP Camera Motion Detection Setup

2. Now on the column to the left, click the Event tab followed by Motion Detection. (Shown Below)

Zavio Camera Motion Detection Setup

3. Enter a name for the detection area, in this article we used Motion. Then choose the Threshold and Sensitivity. Click Add to save the settings. (Shown Below)

Zavio Camera Motion Detection Setup

4. You will now select the area that you would like motion to be detected. This is done by left clicking and dragging the mouse until the desired area is covered. Once selected, click the Save button to continue. (Shown Below) The motion detection is now set up on your Zavio camera. You can repeat steps 3 & 4 to add multiple motion detection areas.

Zavio Camera Motion Detection Setup

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