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iPhone App for Zavio IP Cameras

View Zavio IP Cameras Live & Playback Recorded Surveillance from iPhone & iPad with the Zavior App

View IP Cameras from iPhone App

The Zavior app for iOS lets users remotely view their Zavio IP cameras and network video recorders live from remotely over the Internet. The above image was captured using the Zavior app for iPhone while remotely viewing an IP camera in landscape mode with the apps menu hidden.

For Zavio cameras that have a built-in SD card, the app also supports remote playback of recorded video. The app can connect to up to 16 Zavio IP cameras over WIFI and cellular networks. Users can access their security cameras on the local network where their cameras are located and also remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world. The Zavior iOS app is designed to work exclusively with Zavio IP cameras. Check the supported model list to see which models are supported.

This article was written to help familiarize users with the graphical user interface, functions, and controls that are available in the app. You can find additional support resources for Zavio IP cameras, NVRs, software and mobile apps here.

Supported Models

The Zavior app for iPhone is currently compatible with the following model Zavio IP cameras.

  • F4215, P6211
  • B6 series
  • B8 series
  • D4 series
  • D6 series
  • D8 series
  • P4 series
  • F7 series except F7210
  • N2160 and N2080 NVRs will be supported soon

IP Camera Network Setup

iPhone App - Easy IP Camera Network Setup

The network setup for the app is very simple. Users may connect to their cameras using the following methods: manual IP / Domain name, WI-FI search, and using the camera's QR code. Users can select one of these three methods using the radio buttons on the top of the Add Device screen.

  • IP / Domain name - manually enter these fields into the text fields.
    • Device Name - this can be any name that you choose for your camera.
    • Device IP Address - this is the local IP address if you are setting up a LAN connection or the remote IP address if setting up a remote connection.
    • Port - the default port for Zavio IP cameras is 80.
    • Username - the username you use to connect to your camera. The default is admin.
    • Password - the password you use to connect. The default is admin
    • Location (optional) - this is an optional field
  • QR Code - Zavio cameras include a QR code in the box. Users can scan this code from the app to set the camera in the app. The iPhone running the app and the IP camera being setup must be connected to the same local network.
  • WIFI Search - this option can be used to scan the network for all Zavio IP cameras. Users can then select the cameras that were found to add them to the app.

iPhone App Controls

IP Camera iPhone App Live View

The above screenshot shows the live IP camera view in the app. Some of the main UI controls are noted in the green, yellow, and red rectangles.

  • Screen Layout - users can tap to select single camera, 4 camera, 9 camera, and 16 camera grid views.
  • App Controls - this section contains various functions to control the app (from left to right).
    • Playback - this launches the recorded video playback functions of the app. This only applies to cameras that have a built-in SD recording card that is configured and for Zavio NVRs.
    • Photo Snapshot - captures a still image of the video currently displayed on the screen.
    • Video Record - records video to the iPhone.
    • HQ - toggles the video display between HD / SD (high definition / standard definition).
  • Main Menu - displays the main menu of the app. Live View, Playback, Device Manager, Video Manager, Tech Support, and Help available from this menu.
  • < > - the left and right arrows in the app controls section display additional menu items.

Audio Surveillance and PTZ Controls

IP Camera iPhone App - Audio Surveillance Controls

Users can tap on the < > arrow in the App Controls area of the app to display the audio surveillance and PTZ camera controls

  • PTZ - these controls only apply to PTZ type cameras. They enable the Pan Tilt Zoom controls.
  • Speaker - this enables and disables the remote audio surveillance for IP cameras that have a built-in microphone.
  • Microphone - this enables the two-way audio so that the app user can send audio to the IP camera. This requires an IP camera with two-way audio support and a speaker (some Zavio IP cameras have built-in speakers).

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Complete IP Camera Systems

IP Camera System

Did you know? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a complete IP camera system quote that includes a stand along Zavio NVR or a custom PC based NVR build using the 64 channel IP camera software included with all Zavio IP cameras. We can also include any number and model of cameras, CAT-5 cables, PoE switches, and monitors. Let us customize a system based on your project requirements.

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