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iDVR-PRO 960H CCTV DVR Recorded Surveillance Video Playback

This video demonstrates how to search and playback recorded video surveillance footage using 960H model iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs.

Video Transcript

This video demonstrates how to search, play back, archive, and export surveillance video footage that has been recorded to the hard drive of an iDVR-Pro 960H CCTV DVR. Let's get started.

Here's the live view of our DVR-PRO. To access the search and play back I'm going to hover the mouse in the lower left here and select 'search' from the menu button.

That opens up the main time search screen and you can see there's a timeline scrubber and a calendar. I'm going to go back 1 day to yesterday. I set up a few extra cameras on this DVR so I'd have 16 cameras recording continuously. Notice it's color coded. What type of recording has gone on in the time scrubber. The solid green indicates continuous. You can zoom in and out of the timeline using these magnifying glasses.

I'm going to select this point in time. You can see the thumbnails that come up to give you an overview. If I click 'playback', it'll open up the playback screen and start playing back the video at that point in time. You can change from 4-screen view to 9 to 16, whatever you want to view it at.

The timeline scrubber is over here on the right during playback. You can double click on the timeline scrubber to jump to different points in time. We'll go ahead and jump around a little bit just to look at some different segments of video.

Let's pretend we found a significant event or we're looking for something. I'm going to go and fast forward and reverse just to show you how you can really search for something very easily.

Once you've narrowed down the time frame, if you've found some event that you want to preserve and/or export, you can click and drag the timeline scrubber over here to select a segment of time. Then right click on the mouse and select 'reserve data'. That basically just bookmarked and locked up that data so it won't overwritten by the hard drive even if it gets full.

To retrieve that I can go to the menu system and select 'archiving'. Then on the top menu, if I go to 'reserved data management', that will show all the data that's been bookmarked and reserved. This last event right here is what I just reserved a minute ago. If I select that, I can choose to export or play back that video. Let's go ahead and pretend like we're going to export it.

This is an H model iDVR-PRO so it has a DVD burner. I also have a USB thumb drive, the Sandisk Cruzer. I can also export to FTP. I can tag this export and also input memo. If I just double click on those fields, it opens up a virtual keyboard and I can tag this particular export and also just make some notes in the memo field.

After I'm done, if I was going to actually export this, I can burn this to the device that's selected or I can burn it and erase which does just that. I'm not going to actually do it so I'll cancel out of there.

You can also select these events and then click playback. That will open up the playback screen again and start playing back the video at that point in time. I guess I selected part of the video that I only had 12 cameras connected so there's the 4-camera playback view.

Again, you can select the different grid view options during playback and you can play it in forward or reverse. Then when you're done, you can just click on the live view to exit the playback mode and go back to live view.

The team at CCTV Camera Pros hopes that this video was useful in demonstrating how easy it is to search, view, and export recorded video footage on an iDVR-Pro model security DVR.

For more information and to request log-in information for a live demonstration of an iDVR-Pro, please visit CCTV [inaudible 00:04:14] Pro's lets customers log in to the demo surveillance system at our warehouse using iPhone, iPad, and android mobile applications. Users can also log in using both windows and Macintosh computers.

Thank you for watching.

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iDVR-PRO 960H DVR Video Search & Playback

Searching and playing back recorded video surveillance footage is simple with the new 960H iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs. Users use a simple point and click interface via a mouse to select the time and date of the video that they want to playback. Users can also reserve / bookmark events so that they are not overwritten and easy to find again. Users can also export recorded surveillance footage to DVD, USB drive and FTP.

The search and playback process seen in this video is applicable to the following DVR models: iDVR-PRO4A, iDVR-PRO8A, iDVR-PRO16A, iDVR-PRO8H, and iDVR-PRO16H.

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