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CCTV Surveillance & IP Camera iPhone App

The following video demonstrates the features of CCTV Camera Pros iPhone application, the iCamViewer.  This application allows users to watch IP and CCTV cameras remotely over the Internet from the iPhone.

Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros product review of the iCamViewer iPhone app. The iCamViewer is a free iPhone app that allows users to view their CCTV and IP cameras remotely using their iPhone. In addition, the application has other sections including surveillance industry related youTube videos, articles & information. Users can also share pictures from their cameras using email, facebook, and twitter.

We will be using the iPhone simulator to demonstrate all of these features. On initial launch of the app, the live camera viewing module is opened. Our app already has two cameras configured. To view additional cameras, we swipe the screen. If we want a full size screen view, we rotate the iPhone as seen here, and we can also still swipe to navigate to other cameras. If we want to share an image capture, we can click on the share button and choose to share the captured image using email, Facebook, and twitter.

Next we click on blog section and a list of the latest articles from CCTV Camera Pros is displayed. We can read the full article by clicking on any of the article titles. User can also share any of these articles by clicking on the share button. Next, the twitter section displays all of CCTV Camera Pros twitter tweets. This section works basically the same way as the blog section with a list and detailed view.

Next, the videos section displays a list of all of the youTube videos that CCTV Camera Pros has published. Users can watch any of these videos by clicking on them. The store section allows users to shop for IP cameras and videos servers that are compatible with the iCamViewer.

Last the about us page simply displays more information about CCTV Camera Pros, the designed of this free IP camera application for the iPhone.

To configure a new camera, users can navigate back to the camera module and click on the configure button. Here you can see the configuration settings for the Vivotek video server that is used for camera number 2.

We hope that you found this video helpful in demonstrating the features of CCTV Camera Pros iCamViewer application for the iPhone and iPod touch. For more information and to download the iCamViewer for free, please visit Thank You for watching.