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Surveillance DVR Hard Drive Mirroring Setup

iDVR Surveillance DVR
The iDVR-RT16 series CCTV DVR supports hard drive mirroring. Hard drive mirroring stores the same video data on two separate hard drives at one time. Disk mirroring is typically used do that if one hard drive fails, the data is still available on the other drive. Hard drive mirroring is supported by CCTV Camera Pros' iDVR-RT16 model surveillance DVR and can be done with internal SATA hard drives or via eSATA external hard drive.

DVR Hard Drive Mirroring Setup

Follow these instructions to configure your iDVR-RT16 for Hard Drive Mirroring.
  1. From the DVR main menu, select the Disk icon. (Shown Below)

  2. Then select Recording Disk and check current HDD Status. (Shown Below)

  3. Now select Disk Manager. (Shown Below)

  4. Select the HDD you want as the target for Mirroring.
  5. In the Action field, select the hard drive that is the source for mirroring.
  6. Then select Start. (Steps 4 - 6 Shown Below)

  7. Confirm that is it OK that all data will be lost on the target drive because it will be formatted. (Shown Below)

  8. Wait for the hard drive formatting to be complete. (Shown Below)

  9. Format Complete will be displayed when done. (Shown Below)

  10. The target HDD STATUS will shows a RECOVER % to be sync with source HDD. (Shown Below)