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Security Camera System Questions

Chat TranscriptThe following transcript includes questions from a CCTV installer. The installer was looking for a solution for his customer that consists of 4 security cameras. One of the cameras needs to zoom in close enough to monitor cash currencies. The installer was also interested in remote Internet acess.

Support Transcript:
Installer: I am interested in buying a 4 camera dvr surveillance system. Can you help me with some technical questions?

Customer Support: Hi Alan. Yes. I can help you?

Installer: What dvr system do you recommend and what type of cameras to use?

Customer Support: Please tell me a little more about what you want to use the system for?

Installer: I am an installer and my client wants a 4 camera system that can zoom in on the cash register to view what currency is being exchanged.

Customer Support: Getting that level of detail is difficult but possible if you zoom the camera view in close enough. You need a camera with a varifocal lens zoomed right onto the register and where the currency will be located. The camera should also be high resolution. The following camera is high resolution and comes with a 6-60mm varifocal lens: Day / Night CCTV Camera.

For the other security cameras that do not need to zoom in so specifically, you can go with less expensive cameras. As for the recorder, for the very best clarity, I would recommend a Geovision PC based surveillance DVR.

For the other cameras you could use some basic dome cameras if they will be indoors. You could go with a complete surveillance system like this one which comes with indoor dome cameras and upgrade the one of the cameras to a cash register camera like the one we spoke about. Here is a link to a complete 4 camera Geovision surveillance system.

You can read more about the Geovision software here: Geovision surveillance system information.

Installer: The camera is being mounted 9 feet high and we want it to zoom in on the cash to to see what the exact currency is being traded whether it is a $1, $5 or $10, etc. Is there a camera that can do that?

Customer Support: That is a difficult thing do to. The camera will need to be zoomed in very tight on the currency in order to do that. Again, this camera can do that but would need to be zoomed in a zeroed in on the exact are where the bills are. Here is a link to the camera again.

Installer: How much zoom can that camera support?

Customer Support: It can zoom in to 60mm. This is a CCTV Camera lens chart that explains: security camera lens chart.

Another option is to use a megapixel camera with much higher resolution so that you can also digitally zoom in. Here is a Geovision megapixel IP camera.

Installer: Do you have one that you listed but has motion detection?

Customer Support: Either camera can support motion detection recording. Motion detection is a function of the DVR.

Installer: We also want to have the ability to view the pictures remotely over the Internet.

Customer Support: The Geovision system allows you to view remotely. Actually, all of our systems do.

Installer: what type of software is needed, and do we need a dvr card?

Customer Support: The recording software & remote viewing software is included. We build the system with the DVR card. Or if you want to build it yourself, you can buy the DVR card separate and supply your own computer.

Installer: Which has better quality a DVR based or computer based system?

Customer Support: The computer based is slightly better overall quality.

Installer: What is the resolution for the PC based and the dvr based system?

Customer Support: PC based can go to 720 x 480. DVR can go to 720 x 240.

Installer: What is the price difference?

Customer Support: The PC systems are a little more expensive. You can compare prices on these pages:

Installer: Thank You for answering all of my questions. I will be in touch to buy a system soon.

Customer Support: Your welcome. Please contact CCTV Camera Pros if you have any further questions.

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