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PTZ Camera Remote Internet Control

Chat TranscriptRemote Internet controlling a PTZ security camera is the topic of discussion for this first chat transcript.  The second transcript is from an email of a prospect that needed help knowing what to buy to control a PTZ camera remotely nd also use an outdoor housing.

Support Transcript:

Customer: Hi, I'm looking for a couple security cameras for outdoor use in a parking lot type environment which can be pan, tilt, and zoom controlled over the net.

Support: Hi.  The first PTZ security camera on the following page is the one that I recommend: PTZ security camera page.  Outdoor weatherproof housings are one that page as well.

Support: That camera works really well being controlled over the Internet using a Geovision PC basec DVR.

Customer: thanks. Is there a system/kit available ? 2-4 cameras?

Support: Look on this page for complete Geovision Systems.  None of those systems have PTZ cameras but you can replace any of the cameras with PTZ cameras and CCTV Camera Pros can build a custom system for you.

Support: For Geovision to control our PTZ camera, you also need a Geovision GV-COM box.

Customer: can the system be configured to notify me with indication of motion?

Support: yes. Geovision can send motion alerts by email, SMS, and to the center control system that comes on the software CD.

Support: We have excellent online documentation and support to help you setup.  Please see these Geovision PTZ setup instructions.

Customer: thanks...all this should keep me busy for a couple hours!

Support: No problem, if you have any further questions, you can call, chat, or email us.

Support Transcript #2:

Customer email:
> This is all new to me, but this is what I want to do, and I need
> help on what components I need to buy and install myself: I have
> some remote
> vacation property that I would like to monitor from home 160 miles
> away.  I am not interested in recording any of it, I just want to be
> able to view and see that everything is OK when I hear reports of
> bad weather, etc. happening over there. I would like to mount an
> outdoor
> PTZ camera high onto a nearby power pole, which would give me a
> good overall view, and help prevent the PTZ camera itself from getting
> stolen. I have a GFCI outlet mounted on that same pole, so I already
> have outside power. Questions: Once an outdoor PTZ camera is
> installed on this power pole, what next? Do I need a phone line or
> cable line installed? Sorry, but I'm totally clueless on all this,
> but I have
> the means and tools to get it done. Is there a phone number that I
> can call for help?

CCTV Camera Pros response:

Here is what we recommend based on your below requirements:

1) PTZ Camera
2) PTZ Housing with heater and Fan
3) Pole mount bracket fo PTZ housing
4) Run RG59 cable for the Video and power to the camera.
5) Run RS-485 communication wire to control the PTZ of the camera - use doorbell wire which can be found at home depot or lowes or you can use cat-5 or cat-3 because only 2 of the wires will be used.
6) If you have an existing PC, you can buy a Geovision card and make a surveillance system.  This one is fine for one or two cameras just for remote viewing (no recording) - GV-250
7)  This is needed to control the PTZ of the camera locally or remotely over the Internet with Geovision and connects very simply to a USB port on your computer - GV-COM
8)  If you do not want to mess with building your own system, you can get one from us pre-built and certified.  This one will work great - 4 camera Geovision DVR.

Last, here are instructions on configuring the system for PTZ controls remotely over the Internet and setting up the GV-COM box:

The system works very well.  It has been testing in the field many times.  We sell a lot of Geovision systems to installers, business owners, government, and do it your self home owners.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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