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Netopia Router Port Forward Setup for IP Camera

Chat TranscriptThe following transcript covers how to setup our IP security camera using a Netopia router.  Netopia modem / routers are very typically supplied by Bellsouth and other ISPs for their DSL service.


Customer: IP Camera setup questions (continued from yesterday)
Tech Support: Hi Customer
Tech Support: How did it go yesterday?
Customer: I hope I didn't wake you up
Tech Support: No.  I was doing some work.
Tech Support: documenting remote controlling PTZ cameras using Geovision
Customer: I got my Static IP address from BellSouth yesterday
Tech Support: So they actually gave you a static IP for your internet connection?
Customer: yes
Tech Support: great.  That makes it easier
Tech Support: did you setup the pinhole?
Customer: I didn't understand some of the instructions on the link from yetserday.  My bad
Tech Support: what is your IP address?
Tech Support: OK  one minute.
Customer: Tech Support I am pulling up the email from bellsouth to verify.
Customer: Thats correct address
Tech Support: ok. give me a sec
Tech Support: I am setting up an IP security camera here in our lab so I can walk you through it
Customer: Thanks Tech Support
Tech Support: no problem. ok, put the CD in your PC that the camera came with
Customer: done
Tech Support:
run the IPeditv3.exe program
Tech Support: click update and note that IP address the appears on the screen.  you need to change the default port of your netopia router because the IP camera uses port 80. Open your netopia router by going to in a browser.
Tech Support: 1. Browse into the Netopia gateway and enter your Admin Level Password.
      Admin level is required to save configuration changes.
  2. Click on Configure.
  3. Click on Advanced.

  4. Under the Miscellaneous heading, click on Internal Servers.
  5. Change the value for Web-HTTP Port from 80 to 8080, for example. This value should be logical and easily remembered.
  6. Click on the Submit button.
  7. Click on the in the upper right hand corner.
      This will validate that change.
  8. Click Save and Restart. This will restart the Netopia and retain the new setting(S).

After this change has taken effect, you would browse back into the router by using now instead of just
Customer: working on it
Tech Support: OK. Please let me know when done.
Customer: 10-4
Customer: had to restart...lost ya...dont know if changes worked
* Welcome Customer! Your request has been directed to the Technical Support department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
* Call accepted by operator Tech Support. Currently in room: Tech Support.
Tech Support: try logging into your router to see if changes worked.
Customer: done
Customer: wait...let me ask a question...does the fact that the page comes up when I put in that address mean it is "working"
Tech Support: are you logged into the netopia router admin screen?
Customer: yes
Tech Support: OK. I think we are good then.  Next...
Customer: thx
Tech Support: Once logged in, click on the Expert Mode link in the left-hand side menu (if that link is visible). In the Expert Mode Confirmation screen click on Ok to continue. This menu bar will be visible at the top of your screen if you are in Expert Mode.

  1. Click on Configure in the upper Menu bar.
  2. Click on Advanced.
  3. Under the NAT heading in the Network Configuration box,
      click on the Pinhole selection.
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. In the Pinhole Entry box, enter the parameters for your pinhole. For example, to add a mail server:
        1. In the Pinhole Entries table, in the first line, type the name you would like associated with the pinhole. You can use IP Camera.
        2. Protocol Select is TCP.
        3. External Port Start is 80.
        4. External Port End is also 80.
        5. Enter the Internal IP Address of the IP camera tht you notes from the software that the IP camera came with.
        6. The Internal Port is 80.
        7. Click on Submit to save the changes.
        8. Click on the Add More Pinholes link. This takes you back to the Pinholes "menu" screen.
Tech Support: disregard the reference above to mail server because we are adding your IP security camera
Customer: working on it
Customer: do we need to have a pinhole name
Tech Support: yes, you can name it IP Camera or Web Camera. It really can be anything that you choose.
Customer: ok thx almost done
Customer: we're back to the pinholes screen with changes having been made..
Tech Support: Once you have completed your configuration, click on the save exclamation symbol in your upper right hand corner to validate the changes. Then click on Save and Restart.
Tech Support: The exclamation symbol should be in yellow in a triangle.
Customer: 10-4
Customer: done
Tech Support: OK.  Let me try to connect. Stand By. Well done. I am connected remotely.
Tech Support: I do not see anything but black though.  You must not have the camera focused on anything.
Customer: forgot to take the cap off....duh
Tech Support: OK.  I see a room now
Customer: great
Tech Support: If you go to the IP address of your internet connection you will also log in remotely.  To locate your IP address, you can go here to get your IP address: Get IP Address.
Customer: I was just going to ask for that address
Tech Support: if bellsouth gave you that IP and it is not static, make note of it somewhere safe because that it what you will use to login remote from anywhere in the world.
Tech Support: it is very right now, so you need to focus the camera. That is expected and can be adjusted using the focus we spoke about yesterday.
Customer: yes...we'll work on the focus and the static address is what we use to login ...correct?
Tech Support: correct.  so remotely you can access the security camera using that IP address from any windows computer using Internet Explorer web browser.
Customer: perfect.. I can't begin to tell you how helpful you have been...many many thanks...and if you are ever in Suwannee..come on over, the fishing is GREAT!!! REALLY!
Customer: we have focus....yippee
Tech Support: Thank you for the very kind words.  If you need additional  help or any other surveillance equipment, please let me know.
Customer: You are so very welcome and I will !
Tech Support: Thank Customer.  Focus is getting there.  You get it better that that even.  Keep tweaking it. Use the dial on the camera to help you also.
Tech Support: Have good one. -Tech Support
Customer: ok thank you yet again...and you too!