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Zavio IP Camera NVR Video Surveillance Software

Zavio IP cameras include a 64 channel NVR software license that turns a Windows PC into a network video recorder.

IP Camera NVR Software

The IP camera software that is included with Zavio cameras includes the following apps: main console recording software, remote live camera viewer, remote playback, remote backup, and video file verification tool. The above screenshot shows the main console recording software with 4 IP cameras at CCTV Camera Pros office. Each Zavio IP camera includes a license code in the box that enables it to be added to the recording software. For customers that prefer a standalone NVR instead of a PC based, you can learn more about Zavio stand-alone NVRs here.

This article will familiarize customers with the user interface, functions, and controls built into Zavio IP camera software.

Software Installation

IP Camera NVR Software

When installing the Zavio software users can choose a complete or custom installation. Please note that this software will only run on Windows. Macintosh users can follow these instructions to view Zavio IP cameras and control their NVR from Mac, but there is currently no Mac recording software available. Mac users can perform all other functions except using a Mac as an NVR.

If you choose the custom installation option, you are presented with the following options.

  • Main Console - this is the NVR software / IP camera recording software that turns a Windows PC into a "network video recorder". The main console also enables the use of the remote playback, live view, backup, iOS and Android apps to be used.
  • Playback - installed on a Windows PC to access their NVR remotely to search and playback video surveillance footage recorded on the NVRs hard drive. Users can access Main console / PC based NVRs and also Zavio stand-alone NVRs with this software.
  • Live View - installed on a Windows PC to access a live view of all the IP cameras running on a Main console / PC based NVRs and also Zavio stand-alone NVRs.
  • Backup - installed on a Windows PC to enable remote backup of recorded video surveillance footage from Main console / PC based NVRs and also Zavio stand-alone NVRs.
  • Verification - tool that verifies that recorded video is authentic.

Main Console / Recording Software

The Main Console is the recording software that runs on a Windows PC. It supports recording up to 64 Zavio IP cameras.

IP Camera Recording Software

These are the main controls / function built into the user interface. You can read the complete Zavio software user guide here.

  • Start Menu - menu to activate/ deactivate: Recording Schedule System, Smart Guard System, Counting Application, Adv Intelligent Video Surveillance, Start/Stop Monitor All, and activate/ deactivate all the functions at once.
  • Playback System - brings up the recorded video playback screen.
  • Schedule Configuration - brings up the schedule configuration screen for recording.
  • Smart Guard Configuration - add/edit events that you want to detect; setup actions to respond to events.
  • General Setting - menu to modify the general settings, user account settings, save/ load General settings, open License Manager, edit counting application and metadata application, access log viewer and backup files, or setup network services.
  • PTZ Camera Controls - Pan and tilt controls for PTZ cameras.
  • Set Preset Point - create a preset point on a PTZ camera.
  • Go to Preset Point - move the PTZ camera to the preset point.
  • Zoom Out / In - zoom a PTZ camera in / out.
  • Focus Far / Auto Focus / Focus Near - focus options for PTZ cameras.

Video Display Options

Users can select from a variety of camera displays / grid based on the number of IP cameras they are using.

IP Camera Software Display Options

Recorded Video Search & Playback

The playback software is installed on a Windows PC that can be used to access you NVR(s) remotely to search and playback video surveillance footage that has been recorded to the NVR hard drive.

Zavio Windows NVR Surveillance Software

When a user selects the Playback button, the screen displayed above appears. Here the user will be able to select the exact date and time they wish to playback. The saved video will be color-coded based on the type of recording. Always record will be represented in red, record on event is represented in blue, record on motion will be represented in green and boosting recording is represented in purple.

Windows Remote Playback Software

After the user has selected the desired date and time, the video playback player appears as shown above. Here the user will be able to play, fast forward and reverse the recorded video. The controls on the right will allow the user to do various things such as exporting the video, printing a snapshot and viewing the recorded video log to name a few.

Remote Live View

The live software can be installed on a Windows PC to access live video views of the Zavio IP cameras connected to PC based and stand-alone Zavio NVRs.

Windows Zavio IP Camera Software

Here is a screenshot of the live view software running on a laptop computer. The software is viewing one IP camera live.

Windows Surveillance IP Camera Software

These are the main controls available in the live view application.

  • Menu / Camera Controls - From left to right the controls are as follows.
    • Start Menu - Gives users access to the E-Map and I/O Control Panel menus.
    • Execute Playback System - Enables playback mode so that the user may view recorded surveillance footage.
    • General Setting - A general settings menu to allow the user to add recorders / cameras, adjust monitor resolution and so on.
    • Stop - Disables the selected camera.
    • Play - Enables the selected disabled camera.
    • Delete - Removes the selected camera from the grid display.
  • Grid Display - This allows the user to select between different grid displays depending on how many cameras they have connected to their NVR.
  • PTZ Controls - Gives the user the ability to control a PTZ camera.
  • NVR / Camera List - Displays all of the connected NVRs as well as the cameras connected to each NVR. The user can enable and disable NVRs / cameras from this menu as well.

Remote Backup

The backup application allows users to log in to a Zavio NVR remotely, select a time-frame of recorded video, and backup the video to the remote PC.

IP Camera Software - Recorded Video Surveillance Remote Backup

To backup video, a simple-to-use interface is used to select the time-frame and the cameras to backup from. When the user clicks OK, they are given the option to also export that backup player. This allows the user to distribute both the video and player to other viewers if needed.

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Zavio NVRs work with all Zavio IP cameras and thousands of third party IP camera models.

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Complete IP Camera Systems

IP Camera System

Did you know? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a complete IP camera system quote that includes a stand along Zavio NVR or a custom PC based NVR build using the 64 channel IP camera software included with all Zavio IP cameras. We can also include any number and model of cameras, CAT-5 cables, PoE switches, and monitors. Let us customize a system based on your project requirements.

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