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View IP Cameras from iPhone App

View IP Cameras Live & Playback Recorded Video Surveillance from iPhone & iPad with the Zavio NVR App.

IP Camera iPhone App

The CamGraba app for iOS lets users view their IP cameras live and also playback recorded video surveillance using iPhone and iPad mobile devices. The app also works with the IP camera recording software that is included with all Zavio IP cameras. The app is able to connect to Zavio network video recorders over WIFI and cellular networks. Users can access their IP cameras on the local network where the NVR is located and also remotely over the Internet.

This article was written to help familiarize users with the graphical user interface, functions, and controls that are available in the app. You can also watch an HD video demo here.

Works with Zavio NVRs & IP Camera Software

The CamGraba app works with Zavio NVRs and also with the IP camera software that is included with all Zavio IP cameras. Zavio IP camera software is installed on a Windows PC and turns the PC into a 64 channel network video recorder.

Connect to Multiple NVRs / Locations

IP Camera iPhone App Configuration

The CamGraba app can be configured to connect to multiple standalone and PC based Zavio NVRs. Users can also configure customized multi-camera views that consist of IP cameras at different locations / connected to different NVRs. In the above screenshot, the "My Server" section is where NVRs are configured and the "My View" section is where custom views are configured. Users can add additional servers and views by tapping on the + icon in the upper right of the screen.

Multi-Camera View & Digital Input / Output Controls

iPhone App Multiple IP Camera View

When a user connects to an NVR, the app starts in live camera view. The user can tap on any of the grid icons along the bottom of the screen (notes in red) to switch between different styles of multiple camera views. To view a single IP camera, users can double tap on any of the live views.

Users can access the digital input and output screens by tapping on the I/O icon in the upper right (noted in yellow). Users can turn digital outputs on /off remotely and can see the status of digital inputs. Digital I/O is not available on all camera models.

Live Camera View

iPhone App Live IP Camera Viewer

The above screenshot shows the live single camera view in the app. When in single camera view, users can toggle the bottom menu on / off by tapping on the screen. Here is what each of the controls does.

  • Recorded Video Playback - opens the recorded video playback screen.
  • PTZ Camera Controls - if the camera in view is a PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera, this will enable the controls to move the PTZ camera up / down / left / right.
  • Audio - turns audio on / off. This is applicable to cameras with built-in audio surveillance mics.
  • Microphone - if the camera supports two-way audio, this enables users to speak into their phone to communicate audio to the camera.
  • High Definition - toggles between high definition and standard definition video.
  • Snapshot - takes a snapshot of the current view to save to photos on the phone.

Remote Recorded Video Playback

When users tap on the recorded video playback icon, this time search screen opens which allows the user to select a time frame of recorded video to play.

IP Camera iPhone App - Remote Recorded Video Search

When the user taps on the play button, the recorded video playback screen opens and the video begins to play.

IP Camera iPhone App - Remote Recorded Video Playback

The user can use the controls on the bottom of the screen to play, pause, forward, reverse, speed up and slow down video playback.

Video Demo

Important Note: Click the gear icon in the lower right of the video player and select 1080p resolution so that you can view the video at the highest resolution available.

Live IP Camera View from iPhone

This video demonstrates live IP camera viewing capability of the Zavio iPhone app. Digital PTZ functions are also demonstrated.

App Downloads

You can download the latest CamGraba app for iOS here.

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Did you know? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a complete IP camera system quote that includes a stand along Zavio NVR or a custom PC based NVR build using the 64 channel IP camera software included with all Zavio IP cameras. We can also include any number and model of cameras, CAT-5 cables, PoE switches, and monitors. Let us customize a system based on your project requirements.

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