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GV-SD200-S Megapixel PTZ Camera Video Demo

The following video demonstrates the HD video quality and pan, tilt, zoom controls of the Geovision GV-SD200-S megapixel PTZ camera.

Video Playback Instructions

For the best viewing experience, start playing the video, then select the highest video quality setting by clicking on the video settings button.

Select High Quality Video

If you were able to select 720p or 1080p video, you should also select full-screen mode to see the video larger. You can break out of full-screen mode by clicking on the Esc button on your keyboard.

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Video Transcript

The Geovision GV-SD200S is an outdoor megapixel PTZ camera capable of 18x optical zoom at 1080p resolution. This video will demonstrate the high definition video quality and pan, tilt, zoom controls of the GV-SD200S.

If possible, please watch this video in 1080p resolution by clicking on the settings button in the YouTube player and selecting 1080p. This is the button that looks like a gear at the bottom of the video player.

You should also expand the video to full-screen mode for the best experience by clicking on the screen icon in the lower right of the youtube player.

You can break out of full-screen mode by pressing the Esc button on your computer keyboard.

Please note how clear the video is on the license plates and other small text on these vehicles when the camera is zoomed in.

These Megapixel pan, tilt, zoom cameras are available in indoor and weatherproof outdoor models.

There are also various ceiling, pole, corner, wall mount brackets available.

For more information about this camera, please visit

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Thank you for watching.