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Mac IP Camera Setup with Zavio Surveillance Cameras

This video demonstrates the Mac IP camera setup built in network discovery service, Bonjour. Bonjour is built into Mac OS X and accessible from the Safari web browser. In this demo, we use a Zavio F3206 HD IP camera. However, all Zavio devices can access this same way and the user interface is the same on all camera and server models.


Remote Access Videos & Images

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Video Transcript

Zavio IP cameras are very easy to setup on Mac computers using the built in network discovery service, Bonjour. This video will demonstrate how to locate a Zavio IP camera on your local network using Bonjour. 

In this demo, we have a Zavio F3206 camera connected to the same network switch as the Mac computer that we are using. On our Mac computer we have the Safari web browser already open. In the upper left there is a bookmark button. Click on this button and select Bonjour from the menu. The Bonjour service opens and displays all of the Bonjour compatible devices found on the network. I double click on the Zavio camera that was found and I am prompt for the user ID and password to login to the camera. I enter the default userid and password for Zavio cameras which is admin, admin and login. The live view of my IP camera is diplayed. Although it is beyond the scope of this video to demonstrate, Mac users can click on the configure button on this screen to access the cameras configuration settings to do things such as adjust colors, resolution, create additional users, email alerts, timed snapshots, and many other software functions built into the camera. 

For more information about the Zavio network security cameras, please visit CCTV Camera Pros is a factory authorized distributor. On our Zavio cameras page, you can find pricing for all model cameras and video servers. There is also a download for the free 32 channel NVR software and a library of screen shots and videos that demonstrate the remote viewing capability using the iPhone, iPad, and personal computers. The camera used in this video is the Zavio F3206 which is one of the new HD resolution IP cameras from Zavio which is capable of 1080p. For more information on the indoor and outdoor IP cameras available, please visit

Thank You for watching.