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IP Camera Tester

The MON-IP7 allows security system installers to view video from IP cameras so that they can test video, adjust focus, and adjust the angle of view. This IP camera tester uses WIFI to connect and scan a network for IP cameras. You can learn more about this network tester and IP camera test monitor here.

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Video Transcript

The MON-IP7 is an IP camera est monitor with built-in network WiFi. In this video I will demonstrate how this tester scans the network for IP cameras, connects to a camera and displays a live video stream so security installers can test and focus the camera. All of the menu navigation and configuration that you will see in this video is done using the test monitors built-in touchscreen.

I swipe the screen to the left and then select settings. Next, I'm going to select the wireless LAN network settings and I'm already connected here. This is where you would connect your wireless network and that I can close the screen by clicking the X in the upper right. Then I'm going to swipe back and then I'm going to select ONVIF and then ONVIF again. On the screen in the upper left you're going to want to enter the user ID and password for your IP cameras.

There's two on this network, actually one is an IP camera and one is a network video server. I'm going to select the first one which is a Zavio F3210 and then I'm going to select live video. This is a live video stream of the Zavio IP camera that's in our tech area and you can see the video is real time and very fluid making it easy to make adjustments for installers. When I'm done I can click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the screen to close out this window and return to the menu of the tester.

In addition to IP camera there's also a BNC video input to test CCTV cameras and video testing is just one of the many features built-in to this device. For more information and current pricing please visit Thank you for watching.

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MON-IP7 IP Camera Test Monitor

Click here to learn more about the MON-IP7 IP camera test monitor used in this video.

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IP Camera Test Monitor

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