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Geovision GV-1240-16 DVR Card
GeoVision GV-1240 Card


Geovision GV-1240-16 DVR Card

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Product Code: GV-1240-16


The Geovision GV-1240-16 Surveillance DVR card features 16 channels of video recording in addition to 16 channels of audio recording. The GV-1240-16 offers exceptional recording of up to 240 fps (15 FPS per channel) in CIF resolution or 120 fps (7.5 FPS per channel) in D1 resolution using the highly efficient H.264 software compression.

Important Product Update / Discontinued

GeoVision has discontinued DVR capture cards, so it is no longer possible to build GeoVision PC based recorders with BNC video inputs. Please see the below information and refer to our Viewtron security camera DVR page. We highly recommend these as a replacement. Another option may be to use GeoVision video servers instead of capture cards. Please email us if you would like to setup a free phone consultation to discuss any of this further.

Recommended Replacement - Viewtron DVR Demo

Most of our customers are migrating to Viewtron hybrid security camera DVRs. Some customers are migrating to IP camera systems using our Viewtron IP camera NVRs and Viewtron AI security cameras.

Hybrid 4K Security Camera DVR

Watch this video to see how easy it is to watch live video and playback recorded video surveillance footage on a Viewtron hybrid 4K DVR.

Viewtron Remote Viewing Apps & Software Included

iOS Compatible Security DVR iPhone App Android Compatible Security DVR Android App Mac Compatible Security DVR Mac Software Mac Compatible Security DVR Windows Software

Viewtron DVRs and NVRs include mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Desktop software for Mac and Windows is also included for free. You can view your security cameras live and playback recorded video on your DVR from all of these platforms - remotely over the Internet. There are no monthly fees.

BNC Security Camera DVRs
It also has the ability to record at 240 fps (15 per channel) in Turbo VGA resolution or 240 fps (15 per channel) in Turbo D1 resolution. Using the turbo resolution settings requires at least a quad-core CPU to function properly. The GV-1240-16 card must be used with a motherboard that supports PCI-E(x4) connection types. This card is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012 operating systems. Geovision cards can be stacked up to 2 cards for a total of 32 channels. The GV-1240-16 can also work in conjunction with Geovision's IP camera software, allowing the user to use both CCTV cameras and IP cameras (Up to 32 channels total). The Geovision DVR cards are remotely accessible via iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC. CCTV Camera Pros builds custom PCs using Geovision DVR cards, IP camera software or both to create a hybrid surveillance system. We can build these Geovision DVR / NVRs using standard desktop cases or 4U rack mount servers.

Geovision GV-1240-16 DVR Card Features

  • 16 Video Inputs
  • 16 Audio Inputs
  • PCI-E(x4) Motherboard Connection Type
  • Please Note: The GV-1240-16 no longer supports Spot or TV Out
  • 240 Frames Per Second (15 per channel) in CIF Resolution
  • 120 Frames Per Second (7.5 per channel) in D1 Resolution
  • 240 Frames Per Second (15 per channel) in Turbo VGA or Turbo D1 Resolution
  • Remotely Accessible Via iPhone, iPad, Android and PC
  • Includes the Latest Geovision Software via Download
  • Video and Audio Dongle(s) Included

Product Specification

Geovision GV-Series Surveillance DVR Software Features

All of the Geovision DVR cards feature Geovisions GV-Series surveillance software. The GV-Series software supports up to 32 channels in DVR / NVR, Hybrid IP, and CMS applications. In addition to supporting 32 channels of video, the GV-Series surveillance software also audio recording as well. Some of the features include advanced motion detection, video loss detection, object counting and privacy masks. It can also be programmed to send email notifications when the motion or alarm features are triggered. Remote viewing and configuration are possible through Windows PCs, iPhone, and Android mobile phones. Users can also view on a Mac PC. The GV-Series software also enables the user to remotely back up captured video from a PC. For screenshots and demonstrations of the Geovision GV-Series surveillance software please refer to the image gallery below.

Geovision Image Gallery

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