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Ethernet Cable Tracer / CAT5 Tracer Tool

Test Monitor Ethernet Cable Tracer

The CAT-5 / Ethernet cable tracer is another great tool built into the MON-IP7 and MON-7HD IP camera and CCTV camera test monitors. The network cable tracer can be used to locate both ends of a CAT-5 cable run. This is especially useful in large network installations and installations where cables have not been properly labeled. This feature uses a tone probe that is included with the monitor. The cable is traced by connecting one end of the cable via RJ-45 to the test monitor and pointing the probe at the other end. An audible ring sounds when the signal from the monitor is detected.

You can learn more about the MON-IP7 test monitor here. You can learn more about the MON-7HD HD CCTV / IP camera tester here. They are basically the same product except in addition to IP camera and analog CCTV cameras, the MON-7HD also supports HD security cameras (AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI cameras). All other functions are identical.

How to use the network cable tracer tool

1. First, connect one end of the Cat-5E cable to the UTP / Scan port of the test monitor.

2. Then, select the Cable Tester icon.

IP Test Monitor Cable Tester

3. Once the menu appears, select Cable Search.

CCTV IP Camera Test Monitor Cable Search

4. You will now have four tone selections to choose from. The one you choose does not make a difference in performance, it is just an audio preference.

Network Camera Test Monitor Cable Search

5. Make sure that the Tone Probe tool is on by pressing the power button. You will see a green light when it is on. On the other end of the cable (opposite the monitor), use the Tone Probe to test the cable by touching the tip to the cable. If you hear an audible ring, then you have located the cable that is connected to the test monitor. If you do not hear an audible ring, then either you have the wrong cable (a cable not connected to the monitor) or there is a break somewhere along the cable run. The Tone Probe tool also has a built-in flashlight for dimly lit spaces or data rooms.

Network Camera Cable Tester

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