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Using a Dynamic IP Address with a Surveillance DVR

Chat TranscriptCan you connect a surveillance dvr to the Internet using a dynamic IP address to build a remote viewable security camera system? The short answer is yes and that is the topic of discussion for this support chat transcript.

Support Transcript:

Customer: Can your DVR viewer software remotely view surveillance video over Internet? Does my Internet connection that the DVR is networked to need to have avstatic IP address from my internet service provider?

Network Support: Hello.  Yes the DVR viewer software allows you to view your security cameras over the Internet.  The DVRs that we supply can be networked to a static or dynamic IP addresss.

Customer: How does the dynamic IP address configuration work? Can you tell me more?

Network Support: Sure.  Are you adding the DVR to an existing network with a router?

Customer: Yes. I am

Network Support: Do you have a Dlink or LinkSys router by any chance?

Customer: I have another brand name router.

Network Support: OK. You should check if that router supports DynDNS service (Dynamic DNS).  This allows you to use a Dynamic IP address. If it does, you will do something similar to this:

DLink Dynamic DNS Setup

Network Support: If your existing router does not support DDNS, I recommend replacing it with a DLink router.  At this time, we are recommending the DLink DIR-615.

Customer: I know that I have to register a host name but doe it need to have static IP in order to register with DDNS.

Network Support: No.  The DDNS service is for when you have a dymanic IP address. Anytime your router detects a new IP address from your ISP, it updates the DynDNS service, so that when you try to connect to the hostname that you register ( for example) the DDNS service will always know your current IP address asigned by your ISP.

Customer: Ok. Let me check it out. so you sure it will work with dynamic IP?

Network Support: Yes. 90% of our customers use dynamic IP addresses.  I myself have it in my home and my system works great remotely.

Customer: That is good to know. I will check on this device.

Network Support: OK. If not, DLink is the best in my opinion and we can support it well.

Customer: OK. Thank you. I will look in to it.

Network Support: Your welcome.  Do you have any other questions?

Customer: What is the model do you recommend it. I want 4 security cameras.

Network Support: D-Link DIR-615

Customer: And which DVR sytem do you recommend for remote viewing?

Network Support: Any of our 4 camera surveillance systems with this 4 channel CCTV DVR is what I recommend.  That model DVR is very easy to setup and has both great recording and remote viewing quality. We sell a lot of them and have very few problems or complaints.

Here are some images
taken from Florida using the DVR viewer software that comes with the DVR that I mentioned above.  The images were taken over the Internet from a surveillance system installed in North Carolina.  You can view the images here: Home Surveillance System remote viewer images.

Customer: Thank you Mike. I will check on it.

Network Support: Your Welcome.  If you need anything, please initiate an online chat, call, or email us.

Customer: OK. I will. I will chat with you later when I decided to purchase a system. Thanks again.

Network Support: OK. Have a great night.