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iDVR-PRO Surveillance DVR Video Search & Playback

iDVR Pro Surveillance DVR

The iDVR-PRO8 and iDVR-PRO16 CCTV surveillance DVRs allow users to search for and playback recorded video. The iDVR-PRO is capable of searching for video based on continuous, motion and alarm recording allowing the user to find the desired video more conveniently.

Video Search & Playback Instruction

Follow these instructions to search for and playback video on your iDVR-PRO.

1. Select the Search icon on the bottom bar of the main screen. (Users can also use the Search button on the front of the iDVR-PRO).

2. Once you have select Search you should see the menu below:

Note: The iDVR-PRO uses a calendar and timeline search method for quick access to the recorded footage. The calendar displayed on the left shows the current month. Days highlighted in yellow have recorded footage. The timeline on the right shows a 24 hour status of all channels for the selected day. The recorded time will be displayed with different colors for each recording type.

Panic: White

Motion: Green

Timer: Sky Blue

Alarm: Red

3. Press Enter to select calendar and use the Cursor Keys to move to the desired day. (This can also be done using a mouse and select the date with a left mouse click)

4. The press Enter to choose the day and move to the timeline.

5. Use the Cursor Keys to move the timeline cursor left or right to select the desired time segment.
Note: If you have your mouse connected to the iDVR-PRO you can drag the time bar with a left mouse click as seen in the image below:

6. The time currently selected is displayed under the calendar.

7. Then press Play to begin playback from the time you have selected:

Pano (Thumb Nail) Search Mode

Pano search mode allows users to view one camera at a time in 8 screens. Each screen shows three hours of video. (Example: CH-1 Shows 0 to 3 O'Clock, CH-2 Shows 3-6 O'Clock and etc..) Users can select different channels and playback using faster speeds of up to 64x.

Pano Search Instructions

1. Follow steps 1-3 above.

2. Then select the desired day you wish to view.

3. Once you have selected the day you wish to view press enter on the Pano icon on the screen.

4. Once you have selected Pano you will see the screen below displaying your desired camera.

5. In the ninth grid, you are able to select different cameras as well as speed up or pause playback.