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Zavio IP CamerasZavio iPhone App Setup - CamZaView

This article will walk you through the step by step process of accessing your Zavio IP Camera on your iPhone using the CamZaView application. It will take from app download to actually seeing the camera video on your iPhone.

CamZaView Zavio iPhone App Setup

1. On your iPhone, select the App Store icon to access the Apple App Store. (Shown Below)

2. In the search box, type CamZaView and click Install. (Shown Below)

3. Now select Install and patiently wait for the app to install. (Shown Below)

4. On your home screen, select CamZaView. (Shown Below)

5. Then select the "+" icon in the upper left. (Shown Below)

6. For Camera Name, choose a name to identify your camera by. (Shown Below)

7. Then for IP Address insert your internal or external IP Address, then specify a port. (Shown Below)

8. Now enter your camera's Username and Password. Please Note: Username and Password must be in lowercase. (Shown Below)

9. Please wait while the camera is added. If successful, you will see the screen below and to the right.

10. Select the Live View option as shown below. You will then see your camera's video feed. (Shown Below)

11. You can display the camera in full screen mode by double tapping the image.