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CCTV Camera Power Supply Box Wiring with Premade Siamese Cable

This video shows how to connect a CCTV camera to a power supply box using premade Siamese cable and a PT-3 power lead.

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In this video I'll show you how to connect a CCTV camera to a power supply box using pre-made Siamese cables. On my bench here I have a 540L4 bullet camera. It's standard DC-powered closed circuit camera that has a BNC connector for the video, and then a male 2.1mm power plug. Here I have the pre-made Siamese cable. Then just something to note, when you're running this cable just be careful and make sure you run the right ends. You can see they're different. The camera end is going to be the one that has the female power supply. Just be careful when you run cables that you do them correctly. We can't tell you how many times we've done it wrong and then had to pull the cable out.

Anyways, the video just pushes and twists on, BNC connector, and then the 2.1mm power plug just pushes on real easy like that. Then your cable would be run back to where your power supply and your DVR are located. Then obviously the video would go to your DVR. I don't have a DVR on the bench you can just pretend that's connected to a DVR. Then the power end, you'll notice the power supply box doesn't have these 2.1mm plugs. It's expecting a positive and a negative just wire connection to these terminals. What we do is we use a PT3 power lead, plug that into the cable, and then run this through the access holes on the top of the power supply box. Now this is a DC power supply box, DC-powered camera. With DC power, polarity is important, so you need to be sure to connect the positive connection, which is the solid red to the top terminal block, and then the ground or common to the bottom, which will be the red and black wire.

These are just standard screw terminals. You just insert the wire and then tighten it down. There's the positive and then here's the ground. Now those are secure there. Typically this power supply box we mount it on the wall right near your DVR. It just gets powered by a standard 120 volt outlet. This just plugs into a standard wall outlet. Then there's a power switch for the whole power supply box. That fires up all the ports. This can power up to 18 cameras.

For more information on the equipment that was used in this video, please visit this webpage. Thank you for watching.

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