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CCTV DVRs, D1 CCTV Digital Video Recorders

D1 CCTV DVRViewtron CCTV DVRs support D1 video recording (704 x 480) and are designed to be used with traditional / analog CCTV cameras.

2019 Update! We Now Recommend iDVR-PRO

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These digital video recorders are a great choice for users that want to use analog CCTV cameras and also want to be able to use HD coax security cameras. We highly recommend our iDVR-PRO hybrid analog CCTV / HD surveillance DVRs for this reason. When and if a system is is later upgraded to HD CCTV cameras.

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DVR Viewer iPhone App Viewtron analog D1 CCTV DVRs include some of the best DVR viewer apps for mobile phones including free apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android cell phones and tablet devices. These app are available to download on the Apple App store and Google Play store. Web browser viewing and desktop applications for Windows and Macintosh computers are also included.

Users can monitor multiple DVR locations with the central monitoring software for Windows that is included.

Besides having some of the best DVR viewer apps available, Viewtron DVRs also have one of the best user interfaces. Viewtron recorders are powerful and easy for all users to use!

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Mac CCTV DVR Viewer

Mac Compatible CCTV DVR Viewer

Mac users are happy to know that the Viewtron D1 DVR viewing experience on a Macintosh computers and Windows computers is the same when logging Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

Customers that have been looking for a Mac compatible CCTV system do not need to look any further. Viewtron recorders are fully Macintosh compatible for remote viewing and video search / playback. In addition to the web browser access, these DVRs also include Mac client software.

D1 Video Resolution

Viewtron CCTV DVRs (the models on this page) support D1 CCTV resolution (720 x 480) and are used with traditional analog CCTV cameras. Please note that HD-SDI model DVRs support full 1080p resolution. The below images can be used to compare CCTV vs. HD-SDI. Also note, Viewtron CCTV DVRs and hybrid HD-SDI models can be viewed and managed together using the CMS software that is included for free.

D1 (Standard Definition) Resolution CCTV High Definition (HD-SDI) CCTV
CCTV Camera D1 Resolution
View full size D1 CCTV image
HD-SDI CCTV Camera Snapshot
View full size HD CCTV 1080p image

DVR Viewer Video Gallery

DVR Viewer Videos

Image Gallery

Viewtron CCTV DVR Images
Click here for DVR viewer images captured using the desktop and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows PCs.

User Manuals & Software Downloads

Mobile Apps

Viewtron DVR Viewer App for iOS Download Viewtron DVR Viewer App for iPhone & iPad
Viewtron DVR Viewer App for Android Download Viewtron DVR Viewer App for Android

Viewtron Tech Support

Tech Support Forum

Documented setup instructions and solutions to common problems can be found on the below pages.

Viewtron Technical Support / Setup Articles / Instructions

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