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BNC Video Loop Outputs

Chat TranscriptThe following email transcript answers questions about the BNC video loop outputs on the back of our JPEG surveillance DVRs.

Support Email From Customer


I am looking at the DVR rear of my JPEG surveillance DVR.  It has row of BNC female connectors for camera Loop?  What are these connections used for?

Thank you

CCTV Camera Pros Support Response

Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros.  Each channel / camera inout of the JPEG surveillance DVR has a video loop output for that channel.  These BNC video loop outputs allow you or your installer to use BNC cables to attach to anther device and send the video signal from that particular camera to the second device. 

For example, if you are installing a system in a retail store and you want to display a monitor at the entrance of the store that shows customers when they are walking in, that they are being video taped by a CCTV system, you could run the BNC output from the channel that covers the front entrance to a dedicated surveillance monitor.  The monitor would only display the surveillance video from that particular camera.

I hope that this clearly explains how the BNC loop outputs can be used.  They are very handy to have available in surveillance applications.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.

-CCTV Camera Pros Support