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Thank You for your Zavio NVR Demo Request

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. We will provide the demo log in information to you via the email address that you supplied.

If you have any trouble logging in after you receive instructions or if you have any questions, please contact us via email.

About Zavio NVRs


  • Easy To Use Graphical User Interface
  • Supports local configuration, live, and video playback
  • Continuous, motion, alarm, and schedule recording
  • Linux embedded true standalone NVR
  • Full HD 1080p recording for each channel
  • Smart Streaming Technology
  • High-quality recording / Low bandwidth remote viewing
  • Audio Surveillance Recording
  • Mobile App Push Notifications (iPhone & Android)
  • CMS Software Included Connect up to 16 NVRs (Maximum up to 64ch)

Complete IP Camera Systems

IP Camera System

Did you know? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a complete IP camera system quote that includes any Zavio IP cameras, a Zavio NVR or a custom PC based NVR build using the 64 channel IP camera software included with this camera. We can also include any number and model of cameras, CAT-5 cables, PoE switches, and monitors. Let us customize a system based on your project requirements.

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Simple User Interface

Users can navigate the menu system of Zavio NVRs using the included USB mouse.

Zavio NVR Simple User Interface

The above screenshot shows the live camera view directly from the VGA and HDMI output of the Zavio NVR. The main menu seen on the bottom of the screen can be activated by clicking on the mouse button with the mouse cursor near the bottom of the screen.

iPhone App

CamGraba is the iOS app that lets users remotely log in to Zavio standalone NVRs and the IP camera software included with all Zavio IP cameras. The iPhone app allows users to view their IP cameras live and also search and playback recorded video surveillance on the NVR.

You can learn more about how to view IP cameras from the iPhone app here.

This is the live remote camera view on iPhone with the app is is single camera view.

Zavio IP Camera iPhone App

The app also supports multiple camera views. Here is the 4 camera view.

Network IP Camera iOS App

Android App

The Android mobile app (CamGraba), allows users to remotely view their IP camera live on Android. It also supports recorded video search and playback. This is what the 4 camera live view looks like in portrait mode.

You can learn more about the Zavio Android app here.

IP Camera Android App

Here is the Android app viewing a Zavio IP camera remotely in HD portrait mode.

IP Camera Android App

Remote Web Browser Access from Windows PCs

Users can remotely access Zavio NVRs from Windows PCs via the Internet Explorer web browser. Windows web browser access supports remote live camera viewing and recorded video search and playback. Users can also access most administrative features of the DVR if they log in using an admin user ID.

Remote IP Camera View from Windows Web Browser

Here is a 4 camera view of the Zavio IP camera system at CCTV Camera Pros warehouse using Internet explorer.

Remote Web Browser View from Windows Internet Explorer - 4 IP Cameras - Full Screen Mode

This is the 4 camera view in full screen mode.

Remote Web Browser View from Windows Internet Explorer - Single IP Camera View - Full Screen Mode

Here is a single IP camera view in full screen mode.

Remote NVR Software for Windows Live View

In addition to web browser access, Windows users can also use the remote client software on Windows PCs. The remote client software supports live camera view, recorded video search and playback, and remote video backup / archive. Please click on any of the below images to see a full HD 1080p image.

Remote NVR Software - Live 4 IP Camera View

The above screenshot shows the remote software in live camera viewing mode (4 camera grid view).

Zavio NVR Software - Remote Live IP Camera View

Here is a single camera live view using the remote viewing software.

Remote NVR Software for Windows Video Playback

Zavio NVR Software - Remote Recorded Surveillance Video Search

When the user selects video playback, they are presented with a timeline search and the ability to look for different types of recordings, such as motion detection and alarm recording (if applicable). The user can select the time-frame that they want to playback.

Zavio NVR Software - Remote IP Camera Video Playback

Here is the recorded video playback view in 4 camera mode.