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Zavio IP Camera Used as a Baby Cam Monitor

This video shows how a Zavio IP camera was used as a baby cam to monitor a pair of twin baby girls playroom.

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Video Transcript

This video shows how to use an IP camera as a baby monitor cam. A more detailed explanation as well as screenshot images can be found in the article that I wrote here:
What is the Best IP Camera to use as a Baby Cam Monitor?

This video contains a sample video clip recorded from my baby camera and clip that shows the live video feed that is displayed on the LED television in my family room using an Apple TV box.

This diagram shows how I have my baby camera, laptop computer, iPhone, and Apple TV connected to my home network.

The goal of this setup is to be able to see live video from the baby camera from all of these devices. I also wanted to be able to record video on demand from the camera to my laptop if my twin girls were doing something interesting. Here is a short video clip that I captured from my laptop.

The actual video quality from the camera is better than what is shown here because I had to scale the video down from 1080p and I had to convert the video to a different type to make this YouTube video. Both of those things degraded the quality a bit. The Zavio F3210 IP camera that I used captures video at full 1080p HD resolution.

Next is a video clip the shows what the live video feed looks like on a 37" LED TV connected to an Apple TV box.

More details about the IP camera that was used for my baby cam and why I chose this camera can be found in the article at

Thank you for watching.

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