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iPhone Security Camera App

View Security Cameras Live & Play Recorded Video Surveillance from this iOS App

iPhone Security Camera App

MobileCMS is the iPhone security camera app used to access iDVR-E video surveillance DVRs.

CCTV Camera Pros highly recommends the iDVR-PRO security camera iPhone app and iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs.

This iOS app lets users remotely view the security cameras from iPhone and iPad devices. It also lets users perform other DVR functions such as playing back video that has been recorded to the DVR's hard drive, control PTZ cameras, and even turn recording on and off on their DVR.

This article will familiarize customers with the user interface, functions, and controls built into the app. There are also some demo videos further down on this page.

Video Surveillance DVRs

Video Surveillance DVRs

The MobileCMS app for iOS is designed to work exclusively with iDVR surveillance DVRs from CCTV Camera Pros. It works with current and legacy iDVR models. The above image will help users identify the DVRs that this app will work with. The top image is the first generation iDVR-E. The middle image is the current iDVR-E which is a hybrid DVR that works with analog CCTV cameras and also HD security cameras (AHD CCTV). The bottom DVR is the legacy D1 realtime iDVR-RT16. Users with multiple DVR locations can access all of their DVRs from the app and can have a mix of both current and legacy models.

iPhone App Controls

iPhone Security Camera App Controls

The above screenshot shows the live camera viewing screen of the app. The main UI controls are noted with orange, blue, and red rectangles.

  • Screen Layout - users can tap to select single camera, 4 camera, 9 camera, and 16 camera grid views.
  • DVR Controls - this section contains various functions to control the DVR.
    • Search - opens the recorded video search and playback screen so users can view video recorded on the DVR's hard drive.
    • Capture - takes a screenshot of the camera(s) currently displayed on the screen and gives users the option to share the picture via email or social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other service configured on the device.
    • PTZ - opens the pan tilt zoom controls to move PTZ cameras.
    • OSD - enables / disabled the on-screen display for your cameras. For example, you can display / overlay the camera name and recording status of each camera on the screen.
    • Control - turn video recording on / off on the DVR.
    • Two Way - enable the two-way audio function.
  • DVR Selector - the app lets you configure connections to multiple DVRs. Users can tap on the other DVRs and virtual DVR views that are configured. When tapped, the app connects to that DVR and switches the live view to that location / DVR.

There are two others controls worth mentioning. In the upper left, there is a home icon. Tapping on this brings the user to the DVR configuration screen (screenshot below in next section) where connection information for additional DVRs can be added and existing ones modified. In the upper right, there is an icon with diagonal arrows. This hides the app controls and puts the security camera view in full screen.

Virtual DVR Setup

iOS Security Camera App

There is one feature that is only available in the paid version of the MobileCMS app (MobileCMS Pro): virtual DVR support. The above screenshot shows the device list / DVR setup screen. When the user taps on the plus sign in the upper right to add a DVR, they are presented with two options in the MobileCMS Pro version: Add Real Device and Add Virtual Device. The add virtual device lets users configure a "virtual DVR" that consists of different cameras from multiple DVRs that are configured in the app.

For example, say a business has 3 different locations that all have iDVR surveillance systems installed. The owner can create a virtual DVR view consisting of 3 cameras from each location. Then the business owner can select to connect to the virtual DVR and choose the 9 camera grid view in the app to see the cameras at all 3 locations.

iPad Security Camera App

iPad Security Camera App

The MobileCMS iOS app is also designed for iPad. The above image shows the live security camera view on an iPad. You can see that the layout and controls are exactly the same as iPhone. All functions and features that are available on iPhone also work on iPad.

Portrait & Landscape View

iPhone Security Camera Mobile App Portrait View

The app supports both portrait and landscape views on iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Video Demo

iPad Video Demo

You can watch all demo videos related to the iDVR video surveillance DVR here.

App Downloads

You can find the latest links to download the MobileCMS app here.

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