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Channel Your Creative Side with a Camera

Photography is a beautiful hobby, which allows people an outlet of expression and exploration. A photographer's set up can be as expansive as bags of equipment, costing thousands of dollars, or as small as a simple point and shoot camera. Many people embrace amateur photography as a hobby, taking part in a variety of genres, including wildlife photography, fashion photography, food photography, landscape and weather photography and portraits. People can take part in this hobby either to capture excellent moments for fun or to earn money. A photographer develops their eye and skills through continuously honing their craft. The genres of photography are very different, and have certain perks and features that set them apart. Before diving into this hobby, it pays to do a little bit of research.

Wildlife Photography

People who love the great outdoors might enjoy wildlife photography. These photographers take shots of animals, insects and other creatures in their natural environment, in order to display interesting works of art. Many wildlife photographers sell their work to magazines, web sites and other publications that teach people about certain organisms. This sector of photography allows people to branch out into various areas of the world, and explore habitats that they may not have otherwise chosen to. Regardless of what type of animal or organism a person enjoys watching, this sector of photography allows them to explore their craft.

Fashion Photography

With fashion photography, it is lights, camera and action. These photographers take shots of runway models, clothing and accessories, and models in a number of situations, exhibiting clothes, jewelry, hairstyles and more. These photographers know how to get the most out of fashion, making them pop out against backdrops or natural settings. Regardless of what type of fashion a photographer shoots, they need to understand how to capture details.

Food Photography

Many people enjoy eating food, and others enjoy snapping photos of IT. Anyone who has spent time in a kitchen has witnessed the picture perfect culinary creation, which looks so great that one almost wishes they took a picture prior to eating it. Food photographers actually take that next step, to capture this piece of delicious mastery in a photo. These photographers take photos of all sorts of food, from baked goods to main courses for things like blogs, websites, cookbooks and more. Food photography often goes hand in hand with food styling, which is done to make food look pretty and appealing before being photographed. Food styling is a bit of an art in itself.

Weather and Landscape Photography

Weather photography is one of the most popular forms of photography available. Weather changes daily, and climates and landscapes vary as a photographer travels from point to point. By embracing this form of photography, a person gets the chance to see new settings every day and figure out how to capture them in all their glory. Whether they are capturing a huge snowfall or a summer rain, this form of photography requires keen observation.

Portrait Photography

Portraits are photographs that capture a person's image, while focusing predominantly on the face. People take portraits for school, events, life changes and a variety of other situations. These pictures are staged, and can take place indoors, outdoors and in a number of specialized settings, with backdrops, makeup application and wardrobe changes. People who specialize in portraits can shoot subjects in a variety of looks and are often paid for their work.

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