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900 MHz Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Video Transmitter & Receiver
Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Transmitter Receiver

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Wireless Video Surveillance Transmitter

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The WIFI-900XTRP is a wireless outdoor video surveillance transmitter and receiver for security cameras that consists of a pair of 900 Mhz wireless antennas. This wireless video system creates a wireless network bridge between two points up to 1500 feet away and does NOT need to have a direct line of sight to operate. Unlike many other wireless camera system, this system is capable of trasmitting it's signal through trees. This wireless video camera system is weatherproof for outdoor use. This WIFI bridge can transmit a single or multiple IP cameras. This system can also be used with CCTV / analog security cameras if you also use a network video servers and network video decoder. Click here for a sample wireless installation explanation. The main purpose of the system is to provide a cost effective solution for remote and hard-to-reach camera locations where dredging and cable laying is not practical or is too expensive to do.

Wireless Video Transmitter Features

  • Outdoor Range Up to 1500 feet through Trees
  • Creates a Non-Direct Line of Sight WIFI Bridge
  • System Includes Transmitter & Receiver Antennas
  • Uses 900 Mhz wireless frequencies
  • Data Transfer Rate of up to 1.5 Mbps RF / 935Kbps Ethernet
  • Transmit multiple IP Security Cameras (limited to 1.5 Mbps total)
  • Transmit multiple CCTV Cameras using video servers
  • Perfect for both Point-to-Point & Point-to-MultiPoint applications
  • CAT-5 / RJ-45 Ethernet Interface
  • 128 bit AES Data Encryption for Maximum Security
  • Power Over Ethernet Injector Included

Wireless Camera System Installation

Wireless Camera System Installation
The above sample wireless system installation displays a simple example of how an installer can deploy a wireless surveillance system across multiple buildings. No existing network is required for this to work.

In this example, building A contains two CCTV cameras (analog cameras) that are wired directly to the hybrid NVR / DVR using RG59 coax cable or premade plug and play CCTV cables. The NVR is connected to the network of building A by connecting to the router via cat-5 cable. To the right of the router is a cable or DSL modem which will allow Internet access to the entire system if desired. To the left of the router in building A, and mounted on the outside wall is the wireless system receiver. The wireless receiver is connected wirelessly to the wireless transmitter on building B which is directly across from it with a direct line of sight for communication (direct line of sight is required between antennas. Building B's wireless transmitter is connected to a network switch in building B (not a router) via CAT-5 cable. The network switch is connected to two network video servers via CAT5 cable. The network video servers are each connected to a CCTV camera using RG59 coax cable or a premade CCTV cables. The purpose of the network servers is to convert the analog video signal of the camera, make it digital, and transmit it using TCP/IP to the network via the network switch and in turn the wireless camera transmitter.

In summary, the wireless camera system's transmitter and receiver create a wireless network. The router in building A assigns IP addresses to all of the devices in building B and in turn make building B's IP devices part of building A's network. The hybrid DVR / NVR in building A is capable of connecting both to wired CCTV cameras as well as IP cameras and IP video servers bringing all of the cameras in both buildings together into a single surveillance system. With high speed internet access in place in building A and port forwarding / firewall settings setup properly, users can access all of the cameras from both buildings remotely over the Internet by connecting to the NVR / DVR's web camera service.

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