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Live Camera View from Viewtron iPhone DVR Viewer App

Viewtron video surveillance DVRs support live remote camera viewing from iPhone using the free Viewtron app for iOS. This video demonstrates how to connect to a Viewtron DVR to view standard and HD CCTV cameras.

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Video Transcript

In this video we will demonstrate remotely accessing a Viewtron surveillance DVR from the Viewtron mobile app for iPhone.
I tap on the Viewtron app icon to open the app.
The initial screen that is displayed is the DVR list where we choose the DVR that we want to connect to.
Once I connect to the DVR, the 8 camera live view grid is displayed.
I tap on the grid icon to change to the 4 camera view. Then swipe the screen to navigate to cameras 5 through 8.
I tap on the grid icon again to switch to single camera view.
And swipe the screen to navigate to the other cameras.
When I tap the grid icon again, the app switches back to the 8 camera view.
When I tap on the list button, I return to the DVR list where I can choose to view cameras at another DVR locations if I want.
In addition to iPhone, the Viewtron iOS app also supports iPad. There is also a free Viewtron app available for Android. Both apps are available to download in the Apple and Google Play app stores. For more information, please visit

CCTV Equipment

Here are links to some of the video surveillance equipment used in this video.

Mobile App Downloads

Here are links to the iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android mobile DVR viewer apps for Viewtron.

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Live Camera DVR Viewer App for Viewtron

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