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How to Adjust Focus on a Varifocal CCTV Camera Lens

This video demonstrates how to adjust the angle of view and focus on a varifocal CCTV camera lens.

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In this video I'm going to demonstrate how to adjust a varifocal lens using this box CCTV camera and Goggle Glass.

Okay, so I have one of our HDBX7 box cameras. This is actually a HD-SDI box camera on a tripod here. I have it focused in on Mike and Marilyn down there. Mike is actually holding a little sticky note which you'll be able to see in a second when I zoom in.

Here are the controls, so this part of the lens actually zooms the view in and out, and then this smaller ring here does the focusing, so let's go ahead and zoom all the way in, and then adjust the focus. Sometimes you got to back it out just a touch. There we go. Pretty good right there.

It adjusted in to just about 50 millimeter right now. It's almost all the way zoomed in. I've backed it out just a little bit. Then if I want to zoom all the way back out, I just adjust the zoom ring back out. Typically, you have to, again, back it out a little bit at either extreme, zoomed in all the way or zoomed out, to get a good focus. Then, I'll adjust the focus here with the focus ring. That looks pretty good right there.

That's how you adjust the varifocal lens and focus on a box HD-SDI camera or CCTV camera. They're both done the same way.

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Varifocal Lens Focus Adjustment

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