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Surveillance System Video Search & Playback

The following video demonstrates how to search for and play back surveillance video using NUUO surveillance systems. This video also shows how to use the intelligent smart search built into the surveillance system to search for specific video events such as motion detection, focus loss, and occlusion.

Surveillance Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series. In this video, we will demonstrate how to search for and playback recorded video using the NUUO closed circuit and IP surveillance system.

  1. If your NUUO system is not already running, please start it by selecting it from the start menu within Windows. There may also be a NUUO main console icon on your desktop that you can double click on.
  2. Enter your user id and password when prompt and the NUUO surveillance system will start.
  3. Click the playback button to open the main playback screen.
  4. Next click on the open record button to open the video record search screen.
  5. On the upper left hand corner of the screen are some useful buttons to help you navigate the time and date search screen.
  6. Click on the show records button to display the time frames of video that have recorded video. The thinner lines on the time bar indicate where video is recorded.
  7. Click on the show event log button to display the times where video events were detected and recorded.
  8. You can also select which type of detected events that you want displayed, by selecting them.
  9. You can adjust the size of the video history time line by using the zoom in and out slider in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
  10. Adjust your target time period by changing the start and end dates.
  11. Select a specific time by clicking and dragging your mouse over the time period.
  12. You can enable or disable the video preview window by checking or un-checking the check box.
  13. We will now close this window and show you how to open a recorded video.
  14. Click on the open record button again on the playback screen.
  15. Select the video that you want to play back. Click OK. The beginning of the video you selected opens.
  16. You can execute a smart search to find specific video events within the video you selected by clickin on the search button. This will open the intelligent search tool.
  17. Select the event type that you wish to search for.
  18. Adjust the sensitivity and interval as needed.
  19. You can define the detected regions for the motion detection by using your mouse to create boxes on the video screen.
  20. Click on the search button to start the filter process.
  21. Next we will go over some ways to adjust the video viewing quality.
  22. Click on the enhancement button. The post processing box will open.
  23. On this screen you can adjust the visibility by checking that option and using the slide bar to adjust.
  24. You can also adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast, and gray scale of the video using the same method.
We hope that this video was helpful in demonstrating how to search for and playback recorded video using the NUUO surveillance system. If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit

Thank You for watching.