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Surveillance System & DVR Questions

Chat TranscriptThe following transcript contains a dialog we had with a potential partner that had questions about our surveillance systems, DVRs, and CCTV equipment.


Customer: Regarding the usage of video baluns, just to be sure, I will need one
transceiver on the camera side, and one receiver on the DVR side rigth?

Support: Yes

Customer: how are the baluns fed power? do they need any power supply? if so you
have to run cables to feed the transceiver on the camera side?

Support: Power is required on both ends.

Customer: Regarding DVR. When in the specs it said that support for example
120FPS, it is the total capacity to be distributed among the ports it
support? for example, if a 4 port DVR with 120FPS, it means it can save
30FPS each port if each camera is configure to always save video?

Support: That is all corrrect.

Customer: Regarding HDD capacity, using lets say MPEG4, how many minutes you
can save per Gbyte (an aproximate)

Support: I have a DVR hard drive calculator for our JP surveillance DVR which can be downloaded here:

Using that hard drive calculator, I estimated that at the highest recording quality, the JPEG surveillance DVRs use about 5.76GB per hour for four cameras at max resolution.  You can estimate the the MPEG4 surveillance DVRs will use about 1/3 of that amount of space so approximately  1.92GB per hour. 

Customer: Does the DVR overwrite previous video when the HDD are full?? is
this a cyclic buffer?

Support: Yes, you can configure to auto-overwrite the oldest video as the hard drive becomes full.

Customer: When you do DVD backup of the info in the HDD of the DVR, this videos are erased on the HDD, or the DVR will just overwrtie the info when the HDD is full?

Support: Just overwrite when full or when you request the hard drive to be intialized.

Customer: Can you check or look for videos stored in the backups DVDs or do you need the DVR? or it can be checked in a computer?

Support: You can view video via a computer or directly on the DVR.

Customer: Regarding PTZ camera, I read you use RS485, do you use a single cable bus to connect all cameras? or you deploy a CAT cable from each camera to the PTZ controller (in the installation picutres I saw only two cables?

Support: Each PTZ camera there has RS-485 input and output. For multiple PTZ cameras,  you can use the output to chain multiple PTZ cameras together.

Customer: Regarding cameras, if customer needs cameras to see day and night, we can use infrared cameras right? so during day it turn off the LEDs automatically and behaves like normal camera, and during nigth it turn
on LEDs and behave as infrared? (is this how it works)?

Support: This is correct.  And when the security camera changes to night vision / infrared mode, the cameras video output changes to black and white.

Customer: Normally in outdoor cabling what type of ducts do you use to run the cables? (or you dont need pipes at all, and just fix the cable and that is?)

Support: RG59 is pretty rugged and you may not need any conduit.  It is basically like COAX cable.

Customer: what brand is the DVR you sell?

Support: The DVRs are manufactured for CCTV Camera Pros.  They are our white label brand, meaning there is no brand name on them so that our resellers can have their own direct relationship without any customers of our resellers knowing who CCTV Camera Pros is.

Customer: Thanks in advance for the information and help,and excuse me for all the questions. I have many potential customers (industries over here) that will need camera systems and I am looking for a technology provider that can help me out serving these customers. From the web research I have made, CCTV Camera Pros looks like one of the best surveillance companies to partner with.

Support: Thank you for the kind words.  We look forward to working with you!