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Surveillance System Motion Detection Setup

The following video demonstrates how to setup the NUUO surveillance system for motion detection recording.

Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series. In this video, we will teach you how to setup the NUUO surveillance system for motion detection recording.
  1. If you have not already done so, please start the main console on your surveillance system.
  2. From the main console click on the Guard button.
  3. Select the camera that you want to configure motion detection for and click on the Event button to select the type of event you want to program.
  4. Select general motion on the event type screen and click OK.
  5. On the alarm event screen, use your mouse to draw a box around the area that you want to be included in the motion detection area and select Add Region.
  6. Click OK when done.
  7. Click OK again.
  8. Next, we need to activate the motion detection.
  9. To activate the motion detection recording, click on the Start button and select Start Smart Guard System.
Notice that people are walking in the view of the camera but not within the configured motion detection area that we set up, but once the door that we are monitoring in opened, the general motion detection event is triggered.

We hope that this video has helped to demonstrate how to setup and use motion detection recording with NUUO surveillance systems. This same configuration process that just reviewed can be used for analog CCTV cameras, IP cameras, and on hybrid systems consisting of both. The NUUO surveillance software is the same for all applications. For more information please visit Thank You for watching.